See Alleged Thief Lose Pants Surrendering to Police After Car Chase

A high-speed chase through Los Angeles ended in an embarrassing way for the suspected criminal. The alleged perpetrator got stuck in traffic while trying to exit the driver’s window, causing his pants to fall around his knees. He also had to do a somersault to get out of the stopped sedan.

The chase allegedly started around 3:00 PM local time, according to KTLA, and the driver began exiting the vehicle at about 4:15 PM. It took law enforcement several more minutes to put the suspect in custody.

The driver was a suspect in an armed robbery, according to Fox 11, and allegedly stole the car. The vehicle appeared to be a 2013-2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, judging by the general look and the taillight styling. He also had a colorful flag or banner coming out of the sunroof.

During the chase, the driver allegedly threw a firearm out of the vehicle. The police also reportedly confiscated a second gun, according to Fox 11.

Near the end of the chase, the driver arrived at the congestedย Crenshaw Boulevard. The alleged criminal drove the car onto the sidewalk to avoid traffic. However, there was a lot of traffic on the road. A person driving a pickup was able to block the Mercedes, which allowed the police to stop the claimed criminal.

This is when things got embarrassing for the Mercedes driver. Rather than opening the driver’s door and exiting the vehicle, this person attempted to climb out the window with a much smaller opening. Judging from the video, his pants got stuck while he crawled out of the car, causing the trousers to pull down to his knees.

There were no reported injuries in the chase. In some videos, it appears the driver hits a silver Nissan, and the bystander driving a silver truck strikes the allegedly stolen Mercedes to make the sedan stop.

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