Scrapping my dad’s Bajaj Super scooter: Experience with Mahindra CERO

I received the metal piece cut from the scooter that bears the chassis number and a certificate of destruction.

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Alright. Not related to cars, but I got my dad’s old Bajaj Super Scooter Scrapped using Mahindra CERO. However, most of the procedure will remain the same, except you won’t get a discount on your next purchase, unlike what the four-wheeler scrapping policy rewards the customers with.


My dad is an ex-Bajaj employee who stuck with the company for 35+ years and proudly works with their vendors after retiring. As a kid just starting school, I remember sitting on his bicycle to commute. My mum says he always came home with a sad face saying my classmates’ parents had a scooter, but he couldn’t afford one. However, once you are part of Bajaj or Tata, life doesn’t remain the same forever. The gradual progression kicked in, and he could own a Bajaj Super Scooter within a year. He was so attached to this scooter that even in 2015 when I bought him a 4-wheeler, he still preferred the good old Bajaj. However, considering his age, it took a lot of effort to convince him to drive the 4-wheeler. So our Bajaj Super has been eating dust in the parking since 2016. Recently all of us made up our minds to sell it!

Restore Vs. Sell vs. Scrap

On listing the scooter on OLX, I received many inquiries from customers, but I later realized that the cost of acquiring the green/fitness certificate and renewal formalities itself would not justify the price of selling. So, if I got a customer willing to purchase the scooter at INR 5000, I had to pay almost another 4000+ to the RTO, including insurance and all those years that we missed informing the RTO. I planned to restore the scooter as the engine still had life; started with a kick or two. However, again the legal formalities seemed to be a headache. Cost to benefit didn’t make sense already having two cars and two motorbikes. Finally, I started searching for scrap dealers. Strangely none of them who I came across felt genuine. They were people who demanded that I pay them for scrapping instead of offering me the price. The scene from โ€˜The Family Manโ€™ of an old scooter being used for terrorist activities suddenly flashed before us. Quite frustrated, I then started watching Mr Gadkari’s videos and somehow stumbled upon Mahindra CERO.

The Experience

Simple hassle-free. Minor delays did happen due to transit delays. But the representative was in constant touch at every stage. He explained all the documentation (all costs including Courier, Stamp Papers, Agreement printing, and Pick-up were incurred by Mahindra CERO) to me. I shared the soft copies of the RC along with my bank account details where I wished to receive the scrapping amount. The scooter was picked up and sent to their scrapping unit in Talegaon, Pune, on a specified date. Surprisingly the scrapping amount was credited to my account immediately. In three weeks, I received the metal piece cut from the scooter that bears the Chassis number and a Certificate of destruction along with before-after images of the scooter. The only feedback I have is that CERO should provide an option where the owners can view their vehicles being scrapped personally or virtually.

Images of the scooter being picked up.

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