Scorpio N clocks 10,000 km; crackling from speakers after 2nd service

Since crackling sound from speakers is an intermittent issue and happened only twice, there is no way to ascertain that problem is solved.

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10,000 KMs and 2nd service update.

The vehicle is performing really well. I am unable to find any real cons after 10K KMs. In summary, positives continue to be positives, and no new niggles as such. Personally, this vehicle is a pleasure to drive in the city, highways, bad roads, no roads, and whatnot. I had to fill DEF at 11K KMs and there was a warning saying the vehicle would not start for another 2000 km if I didnโ€™t fill the DEF.

2nd service experience at Chrome Motors Mysore Road.

I gave it to service at 91xx KMs as we were planning a road trip. Overall service experience was good. The total bill came out to be Rs. 3500. They forgot to reset the service reminder and vehicle delivery was delayed to the next day. They also did a wiring harness inspection which I did not ask for. The service adviser told me that โ€œ wiring harness inspection is a part of recall โ€œ. I guess there were some issues with Scorpion Nโ€™s wiring harness, but I did not recognize any.

Since there was a DEF warning and crackling sound from the speakers, took it to Chrome Motors again. They flashed /reset the music system and did firmware updates for ECU. This happened at 11300Kms. Since the crackling sound from speakers are intermittent issue and happened only twice, there is no way to ascertain that the problem is solved. The total bill was 900 for DEF.

Video of crackling noise. This happened twice and the issue disappeared after a few minutes.

DEF Fill

ECU Updates

FE has settled to ~15 KMPL on highways and 11 to 12 on peak Bangalore traffic (AC on all the time).

Does anyone know what is it trying to tell here (red circle)? This is visible most of the time and disappears sometimes. I could not find any info in the user manual

Off-roading in Scorpio N 2WD
There are many nature tracks near my home and wanted to test my humble 2WD ScorpioN there. It performed beautifully on very bad roads. No scraping, no rattling. I donโ€™t say these trails are for serious off-roading but difficult for usual sedans and hatchbacks nevertheless.

Road Ahead

This looks not that difficult in the photo but in reality, it was very steep.


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