Royal Enfield L1A electric bike could be called Flying Flea

Royal Enfield plans to produce 60,000 electric bikes every year.

According to a media report, Royal Enfield has made significant progress on its brand-new electric platform. There are two models currently being developed โ€“ codenamed L1A and L1K, with the former expected to carry the ‘Flying Flea’ badge.

The report states that the L1A electric bike could be positioned as an entry-level model. It will be lightweight and will offer decent range and performance. The first tooled-up bike is likely to be ready within the next 6 months and it may be a single-seater. The L1K, on the other hand, is said to be an electric ADV bike.

Royal Enfield is also developing electric powertrains for its upcoming EVs. These could deliver around 9 kW of continuous power and a peak output of 16 kW.

The L1A and L1K are likely to use 60-120 volt battery architecture. The company is said to be looking into 48-60 volt Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) batteries as an affordable alternative. Moreover, the Stark VARG-based model could use a 350-volt battery.

As per the report, Royal Enfield plans to produce 60,000 electric bikes every year, which could double in 2026.

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