Renault Duster AWD: Costs incurred over 5 years & 70,000km of ownership

The SUV turns 5 in September, so two big expenses are due this month.

BHPian Samba recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got the 70,000 km (8th) service done with a current odo reading of 69,150 km

This was just a routine service.

Parts replaced:

  • Engine oil (Mineral)
  • Oil Filter
  • Ac Filter
  • Air filter
  • General checkup
  • Diesel filter (This was not a scheduled change, Renault, suggests changing it every 20,000 km, but as we know the 110 ps Duster is sensitive to bad fuel, so I change it every 10,000 km)
  • Two under-body protection clamps came off during an off-road drive. Got them replaced.

Total Damage to pocket- Rs 10,668

The car will turn 5 on 1st September. So another two big expenses are due this month. One will be the 5th year Road tax which will be roughly Rs 71,000, & the other will be the insurance which should be around Rs 16,000.

A detailed break-up of the expenses to maintain the car during these 5 years:

  • 1st free service (2,000 km)- Rs 45
  • 2nd free service (10,000 km)- Rs 5864
  • 3rd Free Service (20,000 km)- Rs 9343
  • 4th Service (30,000 km)- Rs 9289
  • 5th Service (40,000 km)- Rs 27,373 (Unscheduled replacements: Diesel filter, & rear shock-absorber for both sides.)
  • 6th Service (50,000 km)- Rs 23,300 (Unscheduled replacements: Brake pads, brake shoes, Tappet cover, wiper blade, underbelly protection clamp, Diesel filter)
  • 7th Service 60,000 km)- Rs 21,327
  • 8th Service (70,000 km) – Rs 10,668 (Unscheduled replacements: Underbelly protection clamps, Diesel filter)

Total- Rs- 107,209

The unscheduled visits to the service centre:

  • Running repair- Rs144
  • Running Repair- Rs 3088
  • Running Repair- Rs 144
  • Running Repair- Rs 4,881
  • Running Repair- Rs 687
  • Running repair- Rs 2925
  • Running Repair- Rs 3030
  • Running repair- Rs 911
  • Running Repair- Rs 1003
  • Running repair- Rs 4875
  • Body Shop- Rear Bumper Paint- Rs 4012
  • 4 Tyres- Rs 29,000
  • 1 new Battery – Rs 6,200

Total- 60,900

Running repair includes parts like :

  • Front brake pads- Twice
  • Rear brake shoes – Once
  • 4 Glow plugs
  • Turbo Hose O ring
  • Tappet cover

Parts changed under warranty (FOC):

Injectors, when they failed in quick succession during the initial days.

  • After changing the engine wiring harness, & dashboard wiring harness, Renault again proactively changed all 4 injectors together.
  • Reason- Consecutive injector failures during the first 36,000 km.
  • Status- Solved.

Fuel tank, float, Cluster meter

  • Reason- Erratic fuel meter behaviour.
  • Status- Solved.

EGR, head gasket, Radiator & hose.

  • Reason- Renault ASS was clueless to find the actual reason for coolant consumption.
  • As a trial and error, they changed so many parts. The actual culprit was a leaking radiator joint hose!
  • Status- Solved.

Rear wheel cylinders

Steering angle sensor

The total Expenditure for 5 years & 70,000 km = Rs 168,109

So the maintenance cost comes to Rs 2.40 per Km for 5 years & 70,000 km.

The above list does not include costs like- Fuel, Insurance or Road Tax.

As of now enjoying the monsoon in West Bengal!

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