RE GT535 owner checks out the new Himalayan 450’s digital console

Looks and feels like it’s been built by the best Japanese engineers in the world.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got a few minutes to browse through the multi-layered digital dash on the Himalayan 450. Bear in mind, that I come from the Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 world where the old old school twin clocks were known to:

In comparison, this digital dash looks and feels like its been built by the best Japanese engineers in the world.

I didn’t get time to fully explore the menus but:

1. The start-up transition is very cool.
2. There are 2 home screens. You have to long press the M button on the right to switch between them. Again, the transitions are smooth.
3. In both home screens, you can then toggle through:

  • Trip 1
  • Trip 2
  • Fuel Range (in km)
  • Fuel Consumption (in km/l)
  • Voltage (What a God send!)
  • Service Due In (Both in Kms and Days!!) and
  • Engine Temperature.

4. In addition to this, there is a detailed Settings menu as well. In this, you can toggle through and customize

  • Appearance
  • Trip Preference
  • My Vehicle
  • System
  • Information
  • Favourites

I need to spend at least 15 – 20 minutes to properly explore and fully wrap my head around all the available customization under the above list. I also need 15 – 20 days to wrap my head around a digital dash of this brightness, clarity and depth of settings on a Royal Enfield motorcycle!

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