Nissan's $250 Nismo Pajamas Will Help You Catch More Zzzs

If you ever dream about Nissans, then here are the pajamas for you. The automaker partners with the premium streetwear fashion brand Daniel Patrick to create a sleepwear line taking inspiration from the Nismo performance division. The Fast Asleep capsule collection lets you show your enthusiasm for GT-Rs, Zs, or whatever other model you love from the company, even while in bed.

The Fast Asleep collection consists of a pajama set for $250 and a robe for $175. Both offerings have a limited run of just 50 units, so not many people get to go to bed in these Nismo-inspired PJs. The pieces are available now from Daniel Patrick’s site.

Gallery: Nissan Nismo Pajamas By Daniel Patrick

The Nismo emblem has a mix of black and red, so these shades feature prominently on this clothing. The rest of them are the classic light gray that’s common for loungewear. The pajamas have stacked stripes on each sleeve for a look that evokes the taillights on the new Z. In addition, the belt for the robe has the Nismo name on it. Hidden vents provide better airflow around the wearer’s body for regulating heat.

“I wanted to evoke a feeling of comfort and premium fit using signature materials that gave a wink to the classic Nismo features enthusiasts really love,” Patrick said about the Fast Asleep capsule collection.

This outfit is fairly subtle, other than the Nismo emblems on the pants and robe. Someone would really need to look closely to realize this is car-inspired clothing. The pieces keep the wearer’s Nissan enthusiasm discrete.

If you have a Z and want to pair these PJs with more accessories, Nissan has lots of options. You can stroll around in branded driving shoes from Negroni that cost about $340 to $440, depending on your preferred color. Keep an eye on the time with the Fairlady Z watch from Citizen for $2,495.

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