New Skoda Kodiaq RS To Have Nearly 270 Horsepower: Report

Skoda unveiled the 2024 Kodiaq last night at a dedicated event in Berlin, Germany where the Sportline was brought onto the stage as the flagship version. However, a new range-topper is allegedly on the way as Autocar reports there is going to be another RS. Initially launched with a twin-turbodiesel engine before switching to gasoline power for its mid-cycle facelift, the spicy Rally Sport derivative is said to live into the second generation.

Rather than using the Octava RS’ 242-hp engine again, the new Kodiaq RS is expected to get a healthy power boost to somewhere in the region of 268 hp. That would represent a massive bump in output compared to the most potent variant available at launch, a 2.0 TSI making 201 hp. As with the previous-generation model, the high-performance version is likely to have a dual-clutch automatic transmission sending power to both axles.

2024 Skoda Kodiaq

Johannes Neft, board member for Technical Development, confirmed a new Kodiaq RS is planned: “We are working on it.” He went on to suggest it would “not necessarily” have a plug-in hybrid setup, therefore hinting Skoda can launch the speedy SUV with a pure gasoline engine. It’s too soon to say whether this potential decision has to do with the watered-down Euro 7 emissions regulations.

If the next Kodiaq RS will indeed have close to 270 horses, it’ll play in the same league as the upcoming 2024 Superb. Skoda has already confirmed its flagship car with the most potent engine, a 2.0 TSI, is going to have 261 hp routed to an AWD system via a seven-speed DSG.

If you like weird facts, it’s worth noting that the old Kodiaq RS still holds the title for the fastest seven-seat SUV around the Nรผrburgring. The late Sabine Schmitz needed 9 minutes and 29.84 seconds to complete a lap of the challenging Nordschleife while driving the aforementioned pre-facelift version equipped with the 2.0 BiTDI engine.

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