My Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS clocks 1,180 km: First service update

Had been taking her to office daily and on long rides on Sundays to hit the 1000 km mark ASAP!

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Update at 1180 Kms and after the 1st service @1000 kms:

NOTE: My friend christened her “Harley Quinn”!

Had been taking her to the office daily and on long rides on Sundays to hit the 1000 km mark ASAP! Cleaned and lubed the chain at around 500 kms (Used Muc Off Chain cleaner and Putoline Drytech Chain Lube – ordered it from Custom Elements). Have also purchased the Pinlock Earplugs from Orion Motors (Koramangala) and they are a blessing in disguise.

The chain looked brand new after the TLC. Also, every time I look at her or take her for a ride, I am grinning from ear to ear. The feeling is hard to describe in words but has to be felt. Owning your dream bike is indeed a fulfilling experience!

A few photos of the beauty before her service:

At around 930 Kms, couldn’t hold my horses anymore and decided to take the beauty to Khivraj for the 1st service. Did not have any prior appointment and dropped in at around 2:30 pm on 25 Nov 2023. Went to the E-City Showroom-cum-service center since they are the ones who service both small and big bikes. Surya instantly recognised me from my last visit and told me he would try to deliver it on the same day despite a steady inflow of 400s for service (was really impressed with Khivraj’s commitment to the big bikes, unlike a certain “notorious” dealer/service center). Also inquired if they had the scrolling indicators in stock and Surya confirmed they did indeed have them. Decided to get those installed as well since that was the plan from the start. Got an estimate of 29K for the LEDs and Labour and 9K for the service. Got the following done in service:

1. Oil change
2. Coolant top-up
3. Chain clean and lube
4. Complementary wash and polish

The entire service and installation of the LEDs was completed by 6 pm but while getting the billing processed, was met with a challenge since the bike was still reflecting under Keerthi Triumph’s name (the migration to Bajaj systems is a pain and the Speed 1200 RS is not reflecting in their system. Both Keerthi and Khivraj folks tried raising a fresh inquiry on their LSQ app but were unsuccessful. They tried to connect with the Triumph India team but no luck. Special mention to Gaurav from the Khivraj sales team who tried his level best to sort out my issue. Finally, they gave me a handwritten bill, promising to sort it out by Monday/Tuesday and sharing the pdf of the bill). Was finally able to move out of the service centre at about 7 pm. The final bill was 37.7K.

Video link for the scrolling LEDs

The LEDs are super sleek and enhance an already beautiful bike.

Nov 26, 2023:

Decided to take Harley out for a spin after her pampering. Planned to take her to Nandi Hills and then to Kolar Cafe Coffee Day. Also took out my Alpinestars 2 piece and the matching SMXV2 boots for this ride. Did a U-Turn from Nandi Hills’ foothills cause of the traffic. Did more than 200 kms and it was a pleasant ride.

A few photos from the ride:

Though I saw many bikers with their groups, did not feel like intruding on their rides so decided to do my own ride (am still getting to know my way around a superbike so did not want to slow them down). Might stop and say Hi the next time!
Went to Keerthi after the ride and collected my extended warranty booklet that was finally punched.

Now waiting for the replacement fuel cap to arrive from Triumph UK. Have also placed an order for the Evotech Performance Rectifier Guard from Superbikestore. in. I hope it will get delivered in December *fingers crossed*.

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