My Slavia 1.5 DSG: Thoughts on driving feel & features post delivery

Sport mode will make you grin and the pushback in the seat is addictive.

BHPian AlokSharma recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Drove for around 80-90 kms yesterday. The car puts a smile on my face for the way it pulls even in the normal driving mode. Sport mode will make you grin and the pushback in the seat is addictive. It feels planted through-out. Fuel efficiency completely follows the way one drives. Sedate driving in sparse city traffic gave me around 14 kmpl (MID indication) and as soon as I used sports mode for a 10-12 kms stretch it dropped to 8-10 kmpl.

Ventilated seats in the highest mode is slightly noisy. Ac again is average and takes 10-12 mins at around 20 degrees time to cool if parked in the sun. The whole 80-90 kms drive was between 1 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon and I can sum up that it is not at all as good as compared to say the ac of the Hyundai and the Honda ones but it is not something that will bother me. Wireless Android auto faces frequent disconnections. I will be trying to figure out a way to address the same.

I have ordered the VIOFO 229 plus dashcam and will be receiving it shortly. I will get the same installed post PPF. I will be getting the PPF done at Detailing Dons,Navi Mumbai. I will also be replacing the floor mats as I was told that 3d mats will be provided by the dealership but it looks like a non 3d one . Any suggestions for 3d floor mats, the Pharoah ones are out of stock and I don’t want to look at the 7d ones? I will also be looking at seat protectors as I can’t put seat covers on the front seats due to the airbags.

Other accessories to be ordered are a car cover (a must), boot organizer, a pet seat cover.

Other observations:

I checked the tyre pressure yesterday and all were near 50 psi. Got them down to 33 psi as per the instructions mentioned near the driver door panel. There are no rattling noises that I have come across in the 150-175 kms driving that has been done in the past two days. The powered seats are quite handy to find the perfect driving position. The car horn is a bit of a turnoff. They could have provided the earlier ones atleast. Infact when I requested the accesories guy for the dual tone horn to be installed seperately, I was told that Skoda has requested them to not install the same due to some vibration issues created with the radiator grill. Wierd.

I wanted to drive down to Pune and back just to get the feel of the car on the expressway but will wait it out till I get the full body PPF. It seems like a necessity atleast on the body panels that can be prone to scratches. I had parked the car just outside a restaurant yesterday and at anytime a car used to be parked next to it, I used to be super attentive especially when the passengers open the door. It literally feel like they are trying to see how far a car door can open without paying heed to the car parked besides. Apart from this the stone chippings, the over-enthusiatic two wheelers/rickshaw drivers are making me extremely nervous. The traffic signals are a perfect place for them to play Tetris to gauge how the can fit perfectly between 2 cars with just couple of cms away.

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