My Mahindra XUV700 D AT: Honest observations a year and 33000 km later

Cabin doesn’t fail to impress with it’s modern and luxury quotient.

BHPian A.G. recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Completing 01 year:

With the odo just a few Kms short of 33K mark after exactly a year, it’s really been a great year with the XUV7OO. Whether it was covering back to back 1400+ Kms trips in 2 days on consequent weekends or just pottering in the city on daily basis, there has been no major breakdown – the mechanicals atleast are sorted.

Revisiting the Good, the Bad and the Ugly after an year:

The Good:

  • Drivetrain continues to impress with it’s power and frugality.
  • Ride & Handling balance is spot on.
  • ADAS works pretty flawlessly.
  • Cabin doesn’t fail to impress with it’s modern and luxury quotient.

The Bad:

  • Vibrations at idle in D / R with foot on brake.
  • Various noises (the famous football-in-boot, Brakes especially when cold), squeaks (from door rubber seal) and rattles (unable to pin point but somewhere from front).
  • AdrenoX has improved a lot but still basic issues (like wireless Android Auto connectivity, random blank screen) persist.

Sony sound system leaves a lot to be desired.

The Ugly:

  • Suspension noise (despite Lower Control Arm replacement) is prominent.
  • Number of visits to the service center in just 01 year is alarming.
  • Mappls update doesn’t work most of the times and robs a feature (offline maps functionality).
  • Random errors (even like EPB not disengaging) magically vanishing with a system reboot (i.e. Battery disconnect & reconnect).

Fuel stats for the year of ownership (the max figure was by no means a hypermiling drive)

While there is an itch to change the tyres due to increased road noise and extremely poor wet performance, they still look good for another 10K Kms atleast with tread depth of 5mm minimum

Some parting shots from today’s TLC:

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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