My Jeep Compass diesel MT: Clocked 23000 km across 10 states in a year

The engine isn’t punchy, but there is no problem doing highway overtaking or even reaching higher triple-digit speeds.

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23,000 KMs covering ten states/union territories; this is our Jeep Compass ownership experience for the first year. We hope this is informative to others.

The ownership experience is divided into mechanical, focusing on the car and surrounding covering sales, after-sales, service, and the Jeep community.

While I thought we would travel more than the city commute, it has been a pleasant, safe and thrilling experience in our Jeep Compass. My purpose for the thread is to provide first-hand feedback from a first-time car owner, which sometimes contrasts with the other threads/feedback. We are not doubting those with a different experience, and I empathise with them. However, credit should be given where credit is due.

We will start with the surroundings covering sales, after-sales, service, and the Jeep community.

Jeep Communities:

Everyone in the Jeep community is respectful, helpful and warm. This is our first car, and I am not sure of other vehicular communities, but we found the Jeep community very welcoming, always providing valuable guidance and helpful. I put this as one of the first positives of owning a Jeep vehicle.

Jeep/Landmark sales, after-sales and service centre experiences:

I’ve been to two service centres of Jeep (landmark group) in Mumbai (Andheri and Turbhe) and Delhi/NCR (Okhla and Gurugram). I have found the experience to be supportive and warm. I find the staff polite and professional, which is helpful guidance. For example, I wanted to change my oil after 10,000 km, but the service advisor checked the viscosity, helped me understand that I didn’t need to do it right now and did not add additional cost to my service. I found this honourable, and the effort to explain it to me helpful.

I want to point out a few team members for their service excellence – Michael (Andheri service centre), Shardul, Vijay Dies and Sanjay (Turbhe service centre), Zainul and Anil (Okhla) and Jasbir (Gurugram).

Besides them, Rafik Panjwani, Abhijeet and Azim have been instrumental in our ownership experience.

From a cost perspective, the car has been serviced twice now (in a year plus a few days owing to the KMs run – ~27,000). The total service cost was around 50,000 (barring the optional underbody coatings, etc.) My front brake pads needed to be changed at ~25,000. This could be due to my driving pattern.

The Car:

Mechanically, the car (2021, diesel manual, Limited [O], white colour) is excellent in all travel conditions, and we have covered Mumbai – Delhi twice now and have taken it for a single run 1000 KM drives without any issues. The stock tyres are good, too. We have had 2 punctures, and the car is functioning fine after their repairs.

I found the first three gears with lower ratios and have stayed within 2.5K RPM except in the sixth gear. The engine isn’t punchy, but there is no problem doing highway overtaking or even reaching higher triple-digit speeds. We get 16-17 kmpl on highway runs and around 12 within the city.

The car functions prudently, and there isn’t a time you would find yourself lacking control. We test-drove Tata Harrier, Hyundai Creta, and Skoda Kushaq, and only the Skoda Kushaq came close to the driving experience of the Compass, albeit Kushaq’s steering was unusually light.

I advise the Compass owner to be a bit weary of the fender below the front bumper, which is for aerodynamics but tends to scrape.

We find value in the cost of the Compass due to its driving dynamics.

From a suggestions point of view, I recommend PPF over ceramic/graphene coatings (we log Llumar with a 7-year anti-yellow warranty), especially for highway runners, as it provides good chipping protection to the pain. I’ve had PPF save me a couple of times.

Here is a photo of car care solutions I own and use. I do these once every two weeks:

Here are photos of our trips starting with Kankavli, Mumbai – Gurugram runs, Pahalgam (J&K):

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