My Honda CB350 RS ownership review: Pros, cons & modifications made

Honda has done a great job combining a retro silhouette with modern design elements.

BHPian Mr.Sleeper recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A Little About Me:

I’ve been an avid follower of this forum for quite a few years, and I’m excited to finally contribute my part.

Right from childhood I was really into cars and didn’t like motorcycles much. I thought they were too risky and didn’t understand why people were obsessed with them. Plus, my family wasn’t keen on me riding bikes either, so that didn’t help.

Then, when I moved to Munnar for college, things changed. The place is so beautiful with stunning roads and amazing views everywhere. One day, I borrowed a friend’s bike for a short ride, and it completely changed my mind about motorcycles. It’s not about having a super-fast bike; it’s about feeling immersed in the journey. I loved the thrill and feeling it brought while exploring new places. I realized I’d be missing out if I didn’t give it a chance, so now I’m all about getting my motorcycle.

The Companion Search:

I didn’t want a bike over 500cc because I preferred a safer, more manageable ride for my riding skills. Safety matters when you want to enjoy the experience, right? Having said that big shoutout to the RE 650 Twins, Kawasaki Z900 RS Café, Honda CB400SF and The Suzuki Katana. These bikes are drop-dead gorgeous and I would love to own them someday.

I’m not into aggressively styled naked bikes that scream for attention. I prefer clean, classic designs that age well and might even become collectable in an EV-dominated future($$$). My ideal bike would’ve been something like the MT-15 with a round headlamp—peppy, light, fuel-efficient (I’m a broke college student)—but sadly, the XSR155 isn’t available in India.

Initially, I considered getting a used Royal Enfield Conti GT535 and restoring it, but living in a hill station surrounded by forests made reliability a top priority. That ruled out bikes like Jawa and Yezdi, although they look amazing. The Royal Enfield Classic felt a bit too mature in style and heavy for my taste. Plus, they’re so popular that the exclusivity factor is missing. The Hunter seemed a size small so that got ruled out too.

Then I read about the CB350RS online. It seemed like a good fit—retro style, manageable 180kg weight, and Honda’s known reliability quality. So, I decided to give it a shot and signed up for a test drive.

First Impressions:

  • Trust me on this, the bike looks good in pictures and GREAT in person. The photos do no justice to the stance and presence the bike has out on the road.
  • The bike manages its weight very well and offers a neutral and predictable handling.
  • The engine is rev-friendly for a long stroke. The tall gearing gives it a unique character compared to the competition. Was grinning under my helmet during the entire test drive and was pretty much convinced that this was the one.

I’ll list out the pros and cons of this bike as per my experience.

The Good:

The Bad:

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