My brand new XL6 gets a PPF & detailing at Auto Engage, Bangalore

I opted for their in-house imported, 200-micron PPF made in Korea with a 5-year warranty. They required three days for the process and an inspection 10 days after the installation.

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I am thrilled to share that I finally purchased the XL6 Alpha Plus AT last month. I want to express my gratitude for all the help provided in this forum.

On the same day that I booked the car, I began searching for a paint protection treatment. Booking the XL6 in May, due to my past experiences, I strongly felt this treatment was essential to maintain the car’s cleanliness and shine for an extended period, so started my lookout.

My previous car was a Polo that I bought in 2011. At that time, Nirmal and Mohsin performed an Opti Coat ceramic treatment at my doorstep. Without a doubt, that coating significantly enhanced the value of the car, which I used for almost 12 years.

Without a second thought, I realized that paint protection was a necessity for my new car as well.

However, many things have changed over these 12 years โ€“ I’ve aged, no longer an enthusiastic driver, now a father of two kids, needing more space. The detailing options available have increased, and I must mention, they have become much more expensive too.

Thus, I began researching what would be best for my needs: 1. I intend to keep the car for a long time, 2. I’ll be spending less time on maintenance โ€“ cleaning and waxing, and 3. Using a duster might create swirl marks. After speaking with multiple people in Bangalore, I settled on PPF by Auto Engage, owned by Nirmal. This is a brand new space opened up at Maruthi Nagar, Kogilu, Bengaluru (Nirmal previously owned Keystone)

I was pleased that Nirmal, who worked on my first car, would also work on this one. I’m also delighted to witness his growth in the detailing space โ€“ what a significant place Auto Engage has become!

Regarding my treatment, I opted for their in-house imported, 200-micron PPF made in Korea with a 5-year warranty. They required three days for the process and an inspection 10 days after the installation.

Here’s a breakdown of what was done during these days:

Pre-installation preparation (Day 1):

  • Decontamination of the car from iron (brake dust contamination) & tar. Given this is a new car, not much work was necessary.
  • Foam shampoo to remove dust and mud.
  • Claying, where not much was required.
  • Two rounds of polishing to create a smoother surface and remove swirls and scratches (to ensure a better finish and fewer bubbles).

During Installation (Day 2):

  • Careful dismantling of parts such as handles, mirrors, beadings, lights, logos, etc., to enable the tuck-in process where applicable.
  • Covering electrical connections, etc., to prevent water entry.
  • Covering required areas one by one.
  • After installation, edges are air-dried and neatly tucked in using a heat gun process (edge gum adhesion).
  • Careful reassembly of dismantled parts and re-establishment of connections.

Installation completion (Day 3):

  • Full-body wipe down with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), a degreasing and cleansing agent for plastics, wheels, etc.
  • Cleaning of interiors and sanitization.
  • Application of ceramic coating to PPF, plastic, wheels, and glasses.
  • Post these 3 days, there was some bubbles visible under PPF, which they mentioned is a normal part of the process. However, they gradually disappeared upon exposure to sunlight (~10 days).
  • Some areas, like mirrors, front & rear bumpers, rear dicky door edges, etc., does show a thin strip of PPF, called a lock, to improve adhesion on edges, which is again normal inseams.

I was extremely pleased with the care and effort put in by Nirmal’s team. Here are some pictures taken during the process.

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