My BMW 328i: A poetic farewell after half a decade of ownership

Cars will come. Cars will go. But this one will remain that bit extra special, for now and forever.

BHPian iliketurtles recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

At one point or another, all of us have had to deal with loss. Without trivialising matters, selling off a car, especially if it’s truly close to your heart, is slightly akin to that.

You seem like a well-read fellow (or lady, I can’t tell from all the way here), and I’m sure you’re familiar with the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

I can’t afford a shrink (car parts don’t come cheap), so I’m lying on my couch at my home and typing out this honest admission to you. Yes, dear reader, I’m selling the 328i, for all good things come to an end.

On the aforementioned scale of grief, I’m somewhere past anger, and halfway to bargaining (but not with stragglers on OLX or dealers in real life). I hope to skip past the depression entirely in due course; being mired in it could be problematic, especially since (as you might have noticed) I don’t have a quality shrink on speed dial.

They say don’t turn a wheel in anger, but no one said anything about writing in a lightly tempestuous rage. And so, from the depths of my not-a-depression and as a near-final form of creative expression on this thread, here are 3 ways to deal with the upcoming loss of the loved one in your garage.

Clean it like you mean it

From top to bottom, headlight to taillight, clean it like you mean it, preferably yourself. While this can be a therapeutic process, since you get some hands-on action in prepping her for a send-off, it also acts as a form of closure since you’re sterilising her for the next phase of her life (just don’t ask why it needs sterilising).

It can also be quite eye-opening by way of what it reveals, such as those cables you forgot you had stored in the glovebox, or the set of carefully packed mini knives your wife carefully tucked away below the passenger seat. Pointing them at her (non-threateningly) leads to the admission that they were meant to fight off miscreants on road trips, but there was always that 2% chance I could end up on the pointy end of one. Ah, to be young and crazy again.

Don’t follow the next owner on social media

Remember that guy who chimes in with comments under a photo of a couple with statements like “I remember when she was mine. Good times.” or “Damn, she’s looking as fine as ever ��” or “Glad you’re enjoying her as much as I did”?

No. You don’t. Because it’d be creepy as hell. Don’t be that guy. Once she’s gone, let her go.


I’m personally partial to loud wails, but quiet, deep sobbing has a certain appeal to it too, particularly if sound-tracked by Adele or Lana Del Ray

Just as engines tick over, so too does life with slow, steady certainty. Seasons come and go, milestones passing you by as you move down life’s highway.

Cars will come. Cars will go. But this one will remain that bit extra special, for now and forever.

The 328i is now listed in the Classifieds, and available for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I know the pictures aren’t recent. Yes, I will update them after a detailing session.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Lana Del Ray Album to tune in to.

Goodbye, Red. You were loved and will be missed.

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