MRT Kajang Line trains getting women's coach, Sep 17 –

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Trains on the MRT Kajang Line are getting a women’s coach, which as its name suggests, is reserved for women – men are not allowed.

Rapid KL says that sticker installation and operational testing for the women’s coach on the MRT Kajang Line is currently underway and is expected to be completed by September 17. The images shared show pink-marked gates with the female emblem, as well as pink stickers on the floor and gantry. Visibility wise, it’s pretty obvious.

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What do you think of women’s coaches on public transport? My two cents is that while the idea behind women-only coaches is good, it must be enforced, and not just by not allowing men into the reserved coaches, but the other way around too – women must use their reserved coach and not just jump into any coach, making it more packed for everyone else, who have one less coach to begin with.

Ladies, would you feel the pressure to separate from your partner or family to go into the women’s coach? I guess no one would begrudge a lady with her family and kids in the normal coach, but how about couples? Single ladies, remember that you now have your own safe space, so use it.

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