MG Comet owner shares 3 major niggles after 3 months of ownership

I think regen braking turns off when you are going downhill.

BHPian herculesksp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I continue to use the Comet. It’s been, what, 3 months now, with maybe 2K kms of usage. I charge it every 7 days or so at work, and the car has been very practical and convenient to drive. I hate the ergonomics and the blind spot of the IRVM, but for my 10km (one-way) commute, it is fine.

The seat can definitely be dropped lower (unless the batteries are below the seat) to improve visibility and it would be awesome if they were able to provide shorter stalks on the Accelerator and Brake pedals.

Each time I step into my Alcazar after driving Comet for a few weeks, it feels like I have got into a Baleno or Honda City. The Alcazar feels so low.

Oh, I don’t think I have shared this one before.

Once you are done driving, you park, turn the gear to N, unplug your seatbelts, and the doors unlock! This is cool!

So basically there are three factors – Neutral, Seatbelt unfasten, and door unlock. If you activate 2 of the 3 factors, the 3rd one activates automatically.

Eg: Previously I had shown that when you unlock the door, the car automatically goes into N. At that time, my seatbelts were unfastened.

However, there have been a few niggles.

That’s it for this edition of my Comet usage review.

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