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The only GT now on sale has 843hp – but it was pretty damn good with 200hp less…

By Matt Bird / Friday, 13 October 2023 / Loading comments

It seems especially crazy in 2023 that those with the wherewithal can walk into a Mercedes-Benz showroom (or whatever name dealer spaces go by at the moment) and order a four-door uber grand tourer with 843hp. And the ability to plug it in and travel a few miles on purely electric power. Sure, it’ll cost a lot of money – £180,000, before adding a funky paint colour – and there probably isn’t a queue around the block for V8 PHEVs with a single-digit EV range, but the AMG GT 63 S E Performance is a reality. Whether it’s the kind of reality buyers are clamouring for remains to be seen, of course; some might simply covet a V8 without the additional complexity of a hybrid, while others may already have had their heads turned by the performance of an EV. 

We’ve been here before with the AMG GT 4-door, of course, back when the standard, non-hybrid, 63 models were launched. As the plug-in looks now, it seemed to be answering a question that nobody had asked; patently it wasn’t much like the two-door GT, and didn’t really seem to offer much beyond the fabulous E63 AMG saloon beyond the bragging rights of a few extra horsepower. Only there was much more to it than that. 

The inclusion of equipment like four-wheel steer denied to the E-Class, plus an uplift in torque to 664lb ft, made for an almighty AMG experience. The GT wasn’t a traditional flagship in the luxobarge sense; it was a fast, focused, quite incredibly exciting AMG coupe. It just happened to cost a lot of money, look spectacular, and boast a sumptuous interior as well. As an unashamed fan of the model having not yet tried the hybrid, the GT 4-door always felt like the ultimate representation of what AMG could do: spectacularly quick thanks to a superb engine, properly exhilarating to drive, and a joy to travel in. Once over a fairly unapologetic ride, that is. But it’s meant to be a GT 4-door, don’t forget – i.e. a sports car – so that does make some sense. 

The sneaking suspicion remains, however, that those in the market for a £150k continent-crushing missile might covet something less intense, as it’s not often you see a GT on the road. Or perhaps something with a more premium badge. Whatever, the benefit of that rarity is, very much not in keeping with V8 AMG tradition, the 63 hasn’t plummeted in value. The least expensive one we’ve seen is £75k, and that’s for the non-S with 585hp and less technology. Typically it’s the 639hp flagship that’s offered, and that’s from £90k and up. Still a useful saving off list, if not the slashing of value that is often associated with big Benzes. 

This 2020 car appealed with its low mileage (13k) and slightly-more-interesting-than-usual spec. Sombre exterior colours are par for the GT course (it’s only with the facelift that some special paints like yellow, orange and green have been introduced), but this car’s Graphite Grey Magno is at least paired with red and black leather, which really lifts the interior. With the gold calipers of the ceramic brakes peeking out behind the black wheels, it’s a properly moody spec – and brilliant with it. 

This one is offered at £110k, at which point we’ll all go looking for what an equivalent E63 AMG might cost instead. Less, for sure, because they weren’t that much to start with; but there really is something special about the GT, and if the current trajectory continues then it stands to retain its money a tad better than a humbler E-Class. Don’t be surprised, too, if you get along just fine without the 843hp…


Engine: 3,982cc, V8, twin-turbo
Transmission: 9-speed ‘multi-clutch’ transmission, 4Matic+ 4WD
Power (hp): 639@5,500-6,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 664@2,500-4,500rpm
0-62mph: 3.2sec
Top speed: 196mph
Weight: 2,045kg (without driver)
MPG: 22.1
CO2: 257g/km
Year registered: 2020
Recorded mileage: 13,000
Price new: £145,495 (as standard, 2020)
Yours for: £109,990

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