Maybach to offer coachbuilt bespoke models in the future

Pricing for the “Legend” cars can easily stretch into seven figures.

Maybach is known for offering ultra-luxury iterations of Mercedes-Benz’s flagship models. The lineup currently consists of high-end versions of the S-Class, GLS and EQS SUV. However, according to a media report, Maybach is aiming to go one step higher on the ultra-luxury ladder, offering a range of bespoke models to its customers.

In addition to the luxury versions of the S-Class, GLS & EQS SUV, Maybach will expand to offer the brand’s “Myth” or “Legend” cars. These Legend cars from Maybach will be extra special models, that are either very expensive limited-run vehicles or one-offs commissioned by wealthy collectors. The new portfolio is aimed at narrowing the gap with other luxury carmakers like Bentley and Rolls Royce.

As per the report, Maybach wants to turn into a coachbuilt super-Mercedes with personalisation options at a whole new level. This includes unique body panels and ultimately a made-to-measure body in white. The next flagship sedan from Mercedes-Maybach will reportedly get its own livery while also featuring a bespoke cockpit with an individualised hyperscreen and virtual-reality trim.

Reports also state that pricing for the “Legend” cars can easily stretch into seven figures. The cars though would be prestigious and offer outstanding performance along with extraordinary craftsmanship, world-class safety and comfort and autonomous-ready software. The report explains future Maybach cars as a “high-end mobile retreat, combining the creature comforts of a living room with a totally relaxed riding experience.”

CTO Markus Schรคfer stated, “At the end of the day, the marque’s understanding of luxury is to be the ultimate purveyor of quality time on the goโ€”CO2-neutral, stress-negative, response-positive and totally unique in execution.”

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