Maruti Jimny gets a precautionary oil change after 1st free service

Next time I’ll do this myself because outside of the paid or free services, this costs too much.

BHPian pepega recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Went back to Maruti Service today to get an oil change done. Next time I’ll do this myself because outside of the paid or free services, this costs too much. I should have done this precautionary flushing oil change during the first service itself but as I didn’t, I figured it would be better to do it now instead of living in regret later on.

As someone else mentioned, the car couldn’t be lifted on the regular lift at Suzuki Arena and had to go on the Wheel Alignment lift. I got to see the underside of the car for the first time.

Jimny on the lift:

Oil filter part number 16510 M 68K00:

Engine Oil used. Nexa Brand 0W16 Fully Synthetic oil:

Old oil drained:

There was some debate about the oil to be used. They wanted me to get a higher grade synthetic oil that would be more expensive per liter, but I said, just put whatever it says on the manual if you have it. Leave it if you don’t have it.

Also got window curtains fitted. At the time of delivery, I wasn’t sure about the legality of the same, but if it’s a Maruti Suzuki authorised accessory, then it should be legal right? Anyway, if I go out of state, I will take them off.

Also got some pictures of the underside of the car. The service manager was very friendly and invited me to go under the lift to have a proper look.

Some pics of the underside. Excuse my poor photography skills:

I didn’t realize the mudguards were so shabbily installed. These vampiric fangs have already rusted. Will look for some alternatives for these.

There was another Jimny in for service today (I think the second one was purchased in our city), so naturally, the two cars were arranged and the service staff took a photo with both vehicles.

Overall, I’d say again I had a very positive experience with Maruti Service, in as much as they let me wander around and be a bit of a nuisance and see things for myself, whereas other places would strictly relegate you to the waiting room area.}

I think I am spending a lot of time with the Jimny these days, so as to avoid thinking about some difficult situations at work. It’s been a great distraction. Completed 1000 km. Hopefully, things will calm down at work as well.

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