Loving every moment with my Thar 4×4 petrol automatic: 6,000 km update

The fuel efficiency that I am getting in this SUV is a consistent 9.8 – 9.9 km/l which I am very satisfied with.

BHPian Dippy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

6000 km update:

So it’s almost 4 months into the ownership now and my Thar has crossed the 6000km mark. Current Odo reading:

My Thar has been munching miles as my daily driver and I have a commute of 60 km to work and back 6 days a week. Some of you might say I should have got the diesel, but I’m very happy with my petrol. I just love the refinement of the mStallion and shifts from the automatic gearbox are super smooth. I have been using Apple Car Play and so far it’s been working well. The AC is a chiller as I have mentioned before.

Coming to the ride quality, I am used to it now plus from the recent discussions we all know that the 2023 Thars have a better suspension tune. Having driven the initial Thars, I can easily say there is a noticeable difference. Still bumpy but much better than before. I will not be going for aftermarket suspension mods.

Fuel efficiency:

All my FE calculations have been using the tank full method. I always fill up till the first auto cut-off. My Thar gives me a consistent 9.8 -9.9 kmpl which I am very satisfied with. The worst figure I have seen till date was 8.3 kmpl which was when it was driven in extremely heavy traffic for a few days by my brother.


  • The DTE acted funny again on one occasion. It showed 128 km to empty when my tank was more than 3/4 full. It sorted itself out automatically.
  • The TPMS showed less pressure on a random tyre a couple of times. I just filled up a couple of points of air and it became ok.
  • The Hill Descent sign came up once. Switched off the car and restarted it, it was gone.

Got these valve caps with the Mahindra logo from Amazon for Rs. 250/-. I think they look quite cool:

That’s about it for now. I’ve been loving every moment with the Thar. Every drive becomes a sense of occasion and once you get used to that presence and driving position, it gets very difficult to drive any other car. It just spoils you in a good way. I think I have the perfect two-car garage in Thar and the Polo GT.

Signing off with a couple of pics:

With the Defender that I had for a weekend:

Pics from a Sunday morning drive:

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