Listen In Delight As This Ferrari 812 Superfast Reaches 206 MPH On The Autobahn

Seeing a Ferrari 812 Superfast reach 206 mph is not surprising โ€” fastย is in the car’s name, after all. Hearing its wonderful V12 isn’t too out of the ordinary, either, as it sounds wonderful from the factory. This video from AutoTopNL combines the 812’s impeccable speed with an upgraded exhaust from Novitec, and the result is an addicting soundtrack we can’t get enough of.ย 

The AutoTopNL channel brought this specially equipped Ferrari to the Autobahn, a series of highways in Germany with no speed limit. It’s there where we’re able to see the car show off its immense straight-line capabilities. But as impressive as the speed is, we’re more enamored with the noise coming from the quad-tip exhaust barrels.ย 

The 6.5-liter V12 resting under the long hood of the Superfast can rev all the way to 9000 rpm. The fact it makes peak power at 8500 revs means nothing to the driver, who pushes the engine right to its operational limit in each and every gear. The Novitec system adds to the theater, allowing the high-pitched engine to sing its song without any limitations.

The 812 Superfast tops out at 211 mph, according to Ferrari. While the folks over at AutoTopNL don’t quite get there, we still commend them for getting close on a public highway without breaking any laws.ย 

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