Life with a Yamaha R15 V4.0: Rat infestation & 5th service

The rats had left their feaces just above the instrument cluster, dirty leg/tail stains on the instrument cluster and for my badluck, area under the rider’s seat was filled with leaves and other dry waste.

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This post will cover various aspects of my R15 v4 ownership apart from the ones mentioned in the first post of this thread. Before I begin, let me brief about my history of Pilonidal Sinus (PNS).

I had a history of PNS from Sep-2020 which was cured with oral Ayurvedic medicines. After I purchased the bike in Mar-2022, for an year from then, I had done a lot of long rides (all 300+ km) and had no issues whatsoever with my lower back. But, in Mar-2023, I had come from Bengaluru to my hometown (in R15) for a week as I had got WFH. In a few days, I got the PNS like symptom which never went away on taking oral medicines. Went to my family doctor (Ayurvedic), he advised for Ultrasound and MRI, and it was evident that the PNS is just to reach its severe state and cannot be neglected. Immediately next day, I was operated with ‘Kshar Sutra’ treatment which is time taking as well as painful at the last stage. All this while, I was not able to sit straight and my bike was getting its long rest at home, with me removing the stock Exide battery. So, from Mar-2023 till Apr-2023, I had not taken the bike for even a kilometer. Once I got go-ahead from doctor after the treatment was done, I got the bike serviced (4th and last free service) and the next day left to Bengaluru, reached safely. Again, in Jun-2023, I came back to home due to WFH. After few days, another PNS like symptom appeared just above the previously operated region, the reason it recurred was because of the MRI operator’s negligence before the first surgery. Second time, I underwent the same surgery without any option.

Rat Bite:

From Jun-2023 till last week (end of Aug-2023), bike was covered neatly with Raida bike cover, battery disconnected and removed to avoid battery drainage. Since I recovered last week, decided to get the bike cold started, serviced at ASC and leave to Bengaluru next week. But there was a surprise for me: rat infestation! The rats had left their feaces just above the instrument cluster, dirty leg/tail stains on the instrument cluster and for my badluck, area under the rider’s seat was filled with leaves and other dry waste. I immediately checked for the battery terminal wires and found this:

This totally made me upset, as I never allow any of my vehicles at home to rot like this bad!

Nothing can be done, the same day I got the bike loaded onto our goods pickup truck, took it to the ASC and got it examined by the SA. He advised me to apply for insurance claim instead of paying from pockets a hefty sum of โ‚น13,000/-. The wiring kit that was bit required a replacement, to which I agreed. When my bike was newly delivered back in Apr-2022, it was insured with Royal Sundaram, which I changed to New India Insuance during renewal. SA told me that 2 more R15 v4s with rat bite cases had come and they had claimed under New India Insurance. The bike is now at ASC and awaiting inspection by insurance personnels before they can approve the same. Hope all goes good with this process.

New Riding Gloves

As mentioned in my bike’s ownership post of this thread, I had riding gloves which was not of good quality but did the job well. In the last one year of heavy usage, it has worn off at most areas and I do not wish to compromise on safety. So, before my second surgery, I had bought a pair of Rynox Air GT Gloves, which is still unused due to my current situation and bike being at ASC for repair followed by Periodic Service.

Replace Stock MRF Tires

R15 v4 is my first ‘bike ownership’, I did not have good knowledge as which tires were good for the bike during delivery. But, with my almost an year of ownership and too many safe long rides, I have felt the urge to replace the stock MRF Zapper tires with Michelin Road 5 after a thorough homework from various platforms. Even the wheel alignment shop owner whom I know since childhood advised me to go for Michelin.

The stock MRF tires felt poor in terms of road grip when taking the smooth curves of Coorg-Mangaluru (Madikeri) road. I have felt my bike skip (or slip?) a little when I down-shift while approaching steep downhill turns. In terms of city use, MRF does well, no complaints though. I have read and heard that Michelin Road 5 tires are the best touring tires, mostly used in 300+ CC touring bikes, which provide good grip for touring and city use.

In addition, R15 v4’s rear MRF tire has taken a lot of punctures since Day 1, including a mushroom puncture in the center. Now, I do not know whether this is due to the poor quality of tires or the paths I have taken. Any expert advise/suggestion appreciated on this matter!

This was a short update on my bike’s ownership after the last post was live. More details like: how the rat bite service and first paid service went will be updated in a few weeks time once I get my bike from ASC. Can’t wait!

As mentioned in previous post, after I took my bike to the ASC here at Kasaragod, the SA insisted me to go for insurance claim instead of making my pocket empty. I too felt satisfied with his advise & called my agent to get the ticket raised for the claim.

When I had taken delivery of the bike in Apr-2022, the insurer was Royal Sundaram. However, in Apr-2023, I shifted to New India Insurance. For my luck, it was found that Royal Sundaram do not accept claims for rat bites.

So, estimate was shared by the SA last week, vehicle was inspected & the order for the parts have been placed which will take another 2 weeks to arrive. I was enlightened by the SA that they cannot place order any random day but once in every 10 days. Can someone throw some light why this restriction on placing order? Read in few other threads about the same being followed by Skoda, etc.

Below was the estimate shared by the ASC:

Wiring kit to be replaced completely (from front till the battery terminal)

In addition to this, the first paid service (5th service) has also neared. So, I handed over the service booklet few days back, before I can take the bike back to Bengaluru by road with new wiring kit, changed engine oil & filter, lubed chains, etc. I do not like to compromise on such basic needs of any vehicle, which can hamper the safety!

Once the wiring kit for rat bite is fixed, the job card will be closed and for periodic service, a new job card will be created. I agreed. Now, the availability of wiring kit at ASC will take 2 weeks time, replacing old one with new will take a day or two followed by periodic service. So, the bike is expected to be there for another 3 weeks and I have been given the expected date of delivery by the end of Sep-2023.

Hopefully, everything goes well & I get the bike fully serviced & ready to clock kilometers!

Ride Safe!


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