KTM 390 ADV owner impressed by Triumph Speed 400 after 1380 km ride

Speeds around 100-110 is very comfortable with more torque available for overtakes

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A short review from an ADV 390 owner’s perspective:

Borrowed my friendโ€™s Speed 400 for a solo ride that lasted 1380 kms, out of which I covered around 1200 in 2 days. The bike had done 1800 kms before I started my ride.
1. The engine is smooth and revs easily without complaints till 6-6.5k rpm. This wasn’t the case when the bike was new – the engine felt like it was not very refined.
2. That low-mid rpm torque is very nice.
3. Smooth and accurate gearbox.
4. Above 6-6.5 rpms vibes are felt mainly through the seat, vibes on mirrors and pegs can be ignored.
5. Speeds around 100-110 are very comfortable with more torque available for overtakes, above that windblast is very bad (not complaining it’s not a tourer).
6. The stock seat is very soft at least for riders on the heavier side. As more time is spent on the saddle, it just sinks.
7. The rider triangle is very good, surprised with such a comfortable handlebar position. The seat-to-footpeg distance might be less for people above 175 cm.
8. Heat management is decent, the fans do switch on-off a bit more frequently than on the 390 but the heat doesn’t hit the legs. Some heat is felt during slow speeds.
9. FE achieved was around 32, tank full to tank full.
The range estimator in the bike (DTE) is flawed, and not trustworthy.
10. Handling and suspension setup needs a special mention Though the suspension travel numbers on paper are better for other bikes including ADV 390. The setup on the Speed is very good. Works great on broken roads and in corners. Maybe during offroading, the travel might be a hindrance. I didn’t feel it bottomed out when while passing over bad patches or potholes even at high speeds.

Overall very impressed with the bike

After I returned my favour to my friend by getting the seat work done after his permission

Got the stock cushion layered with a 40-density (pink) and the 28-density foam (green).
The seat feels comfortable now, also the angle of the leg between the seat and the footpegs is a bit more relaxed.

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