Kia Carens 1.4L petrol DCT: How I got 31 km/L mileage

My family owned a Ciaz before, and we just bought the new Kia Carens luxury+ 7 speed DCT this May.

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I’m a newbie here, turned 18 last December. My family owned a Ciaz before, and we just bought the new Kia Carens luxury plus 7 DCT this May. Will make an ownership thread in a while. I have always loved to try to extract the highest mileage possible. In the Ciaz, I have managed to extract 35kmpl ( it was a 1.3l diesel alpha 2017), verified by tank to tank (cuz it showed a max of 30 in the mid). In the Carens I have managed to extract 31.7, though I only took the pic of 30.2

The 31.5 was extracted from hosur to krishnagiri and there was medium traffic with 3 trucks in three lanes at times!!! Since I have traveled quite a bit after that, i don’t remember much details.

I traveled from Bangalore to Chennai yesterday at about 6.30pm ( reached at 1:37 am). There was heavy traffic and it was difficult to keep up the ideal speed. I could extract 25 kmpl on the highway including bangalore’s city traffic and excluding chennai’s traffic and diversions en route ( about 20 kms). I forgot to click the pic of the MID at the end of journey.

This route also includes about 20 diversions which start from Vellore to Kanchipuram, hence the mileage dropped to 22 kmpl (don’t have the pic of that)

Finally with Chennai’s traffic and all the hassles from Kanchipuram, I could extract a final mileage 21.1 kmpl (with about 40 kms of city) We were 3 people and a husky with overloaded luggage. AC was on 100 % of the time.

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