Installing PPF on my new Tiguan SUV: Process, cost & final outcome

I couldn’t tell the difference till I ran my fingers across to feel the border.

BHPian Maky recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Tiguan got done with PPF treatment.

I decided to pick Llumar Platinum over the other competing brands. It comes with a Ceramic coating baked in as per the detailer. Provided is a 10-year warranty period for this specific Paint Protection film.

I’m not sure if it comes across through the compressed pictures posted here but I feel the car’s Blue is now uniformly a shade darker compared to the original colour.

I wasn’t aware this happens after PPF but apparently, it does. After speaking to a couple of people as well as looking it up. It’s minor but noticeable enough for me. Something about Gloss finish/Light refract.

Other than that, the workmanship itself was fantastic and I would gladly refer this person to anyone in Bombay who requires such a service.

The tail light and headlight are only PPF’d on the direct back and front-facing panels not around the sides. I couldn’t tell the difference till I ran my fingers across to feel the border.

The cheaper Garware with similar properties was available for ~1L and came with a 5-year warranty period. While Garware is a known brand I personally felt that they are relatively new to the PPF game, and their longer-term PPF wear is an unknown so I decided to go for a more experienced make and pay the premium associated. The final cost for Llumar Platinum was 1.4L for the ~230 odd sq. ft. that is the Tiguan.

I have also applied Llumar Stratos 70 Sunfilm across the front Windshield after being recommended for heat rejection and clearer night driving. I drove from Bombay to Karjat and back at night and I can confirm the glare reduction is apparent. The sunfilm is not noticeable from the outside whatsoever. The detailer did not recommend the sun film for the four windows as they come from the factory with tint. The cost was 10k for the Stratos windshield sunfilm. I am now considering doing the Panoramic roof with the same 70-grade LLumar film as well.

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