Installed TPMS after suffering a slow puncture during a recent roadtrip

All 5 wheels of my Nissan Magnite now get the tyre pressure monitor.

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During my recent trip to Coimbatore, near the deep forest close to Vellingiri, I suddenly observed a decline in air pressure in my rear tire. This caught me off guard as I only became aware of it late in the evening, around 8 PM. Although this timing might not be deemed particularly late in the city, the scenario was quite distinct in that remote location, especially considering it was a Sunday. Regrettably, I found myself in a situation where there were limited options available. To compound matters, the following morning was scheduled to commence early.

I headed to a petrol station to fill up the air and tried to find a nearby puncture shop, but locating one wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. Eventually, I decided to wait until the morning to change the spare tire. This whole incident could have been easily avoided if I had a TPMS. When I finally checked,

I saw that the pressure had dropped from 35 to 16, although it happened quite slowly. I realized that had I noticed the drop earlier, I could have taken care of the issue myself.

I was part of a WhatsApp group focused on TPMS for quite a while, where I noticed that the sellers were quite responsive and helpful to other users. While I didn’t have any intention of purchasing initially, I joined the group hoping to spot any potential good deals. The prices offered by local dealers in my area, Chennai, were considerably higher. However, within the group selling TPMS units โ€“ 4 pieces for 2000 and 5 pieces for 2500. What caught my attention even more was the fact that he offered support via WhatsApp for any troubleshooting within the group.

Intrigued by the offer, I decided to reach out to him and place an order for 5 pieces, which amounted to 2500. I made sure to specify that I needed TPMS units for steel wheels, not alloy wheels. I had come across a few reviews on Team-BHP that mentioned potential issues with leaks in steel wheels, so I wanted to ensure that I got a product suitable for my setup. The seller assured me that he would send me a compatible TPMS unit that would work seamlessly with steel wheels.

I went ahead and placed my order through WhatsApp.

As things were progressing smoothly, I initiated my quest to find a reliable tire shop in Chennai that could ensure a proper installation. Considering that the TPMS kit was from JK Tyres, I focused my search on nearby JK Tyre dealerships. I stumbled upon a reputable choice โ€“ JK Tyre near Tharamani. Encouraged by the positive reviews I found online { Google review ) I felt confident.

Received the package via Amazon shipping from Delhi.

I reached the shop directly on Sunday at 1 PM, following Google’s information that the shop was scheduled to close at 2 PM. Although I had intended to visit in the morning, I ended up sleeping in and missed the opportunity. With a stroke of luck, I decided to try my chances and arrived at 1:20 p.m. I approached the staff and requested them to install the item. They gladly obliged. However, they cautioned that it might not fit perfectly on a steel wheel. Despite this, I was determined to give it a shot since I had acquired it specifically for steel alloy wheels.

To begin the installation process, they initially attempted to fit it on the spare tire (Stepney), and it aligned correctly. There was a minor issue when attempting to scan the QR code using the device. At this point, the shop’s owner, Mr Senthil, intervened and explained that the QR code needed to be scanned from the box, not directly from the TPMS device. Following his guidance, the QR code was successfully scanned, and the device was quickly added to the app, where its readings became visible.

The entire process took about an hour to complete. Mr. Senthil was extremely helpful throughout and provided a thorough explanation of the process. He also showcased a different type of TPMS that they offer, which includes a steel component. In contrast, mine is of a rubber type.

I’ve come across indications that they might offer support for CarPlay. Regardless, the user interface doesn’t translate well onto CarPlay. The UI seems misaligned or perhaps there are other alignment-related issues.

Balancing: โ‚น600

Fitting charge per tire: โ‚น250 x 5 tires

The total cost of the installation amounted to โ‚น1850/-

Shop:- JK Tyre Steel Wheels, OMR Tyres And Treads

The purchase of the 4-piece set through Kunal is priced at โ‚น2000/-

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the parties mentioned above. I am simply sharing my personal experience in the hopes that it may be of assistance to others.

The total cost of the product, including fitting: โ‚น4350/-

Will continue to provide product feedback over the long term. Thus far, the experience has been positive.

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