Installed 4 significant upgrades on my Royal Enfield Classic 350 Reborn

When i rode a friend’s Standard 350 recently i found the handle bar gives a good support.

BHPian DRIVE_ADDICT recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Sorry to hijack, since i don’t have an ownership thread and i see this is one thread where bhp’ians with Classic Reborn will land up looking for tips and solutions, so updating few mods i did to my Reborn.

PS: I strongly feel and urge, the ergonomics and rider triangle is unique for each rider. Something which works for one, not necessarily work for the other. so make your mods according to your need not just go with what others do.


Changed the rear set with older BS6 classic 350’s gas charged units. Not that the gas charged suspensions are superior than standard suspensions, but i did this mainly for the reason below. Though Reborn comes with 6 way adjustable rear suspension, it comes from factory with the softest setting possible. So no scope of improvement if someone looking for reducing the stiffness further. This Gas charged suspension comes with setting 3 as standard and you have option to tone it down further.

Even though I’m keeping this in standard setting, i felt this is little softer in comparison to Reborn’s standard suspension. The ride is much more pliant, especially when there is a sudden dip in road, earlier it used to feel that it drops down with no action, now its not.

Handle bar:

Though i got advice from couple of folks vouching for Vardenchi handle bar, i somehow not convinced, as it robs away the classic look and it looks bulk (subjective). Heard folks complaining about RD350 replicas quality and even the shops out there in JC road (genuine folks) suggested only to go for black powdered coated since the chrome one tends to rust, also i heard mixed review about the posture we get with RD350 units.

When i rode a friend’s Standard 350 recently i found the handle bar gives a good support. Also in one YT video i saw someone suggested to change to Standard/Electra handle bar and the person mentioned that he changed it because he felt pain in shoulder (Trapezius muscle) and upper arm (Triceps) which is exactly the same issue i also went through.

So went ahead and changed it and it DOES help.

This handle bar gives you a very supportive feel, it felt effortless and less strain in comparison to stock Reborn handle bar.

On first look you may not see any difference but it does makes the difference felt. The handle grip portion is slightly tilted inward towards rider and there is a slight increase in height, both helps here.

Seat & Horn:

Added dual horn setup based on the input in this thread and added the seat cover (black) since someone vandalized the original seat and made few marks in tank as well

Added lamination on top portion of tank to avoid further damage.

With all this mods now i feel the motorcycle is tailor made for me .

All mods done at Fixwell motors, JC road, Bangalore. This place has good reviews and has all RE genuine spares and few mechs around to fix things.

Here are couple of latest pics:

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