Incoming electric hyper-GT dubbed Lotus Emeya

Lotus confirms that all-new Porsche Taycan rival will be called 'Emeya' ahead of full reveal next week

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 29 August 2023 / Loading comments

The very fast, very large electric saloon is big business right now, with brands like Jaguar and Polestar poised to launch their latest offerings over the coming years with the intention of rivalling the Porsche Taycan, Mercedes EQ E and BMW i7. But first to join the class is Lotus, with its next EV after the Eletre SUV. Its maker has confirmed that it will be shown in full next week – on Thursday 7th, in fact – and will be called the Lotus Emeya. 

For the moment, beyond that, there’s precious little official to go on for a car we’ve previously known as the Type 133. But we can see a snazzy, slender rear light bar – as is currently almost mandatory for the class – as well as an active rear spoiler. At the front, a light signature that echoes that of the Eletre can be seen illuminating the dark, and that’s kind of your lot for now (beyond the fact that the car plainly seats multiple occupants). Expect the finished model to closely resemble the prototype recently spied winter testing in terms of silhouette, long and low and with a tapered rear hatch like an Audi A7. As we’re used to Lotuses unlike any we’ve seen before now thanks to the Eletre, another groundbreaking new model ought to be just another day in the story of electric Lotus.

The original plan was for the Type 133 to launch in 2024, following the Type 131 (Emira) in 2021 and the Type 132 (Eletre) in 2022. So maybe the Emeya is a little ahead of schedule, but then that’s surely no bad thing in such a crowded marketplace – particularly with a Taycan update due shortly. We’d bank on lots of details mirroring the Eletre, as they share the Electric Premium Architecture: so expect a battery up to 120kWh (and 350kW charging), range up to 370 miles and, potentially, up to 905hp. Which certainly would be a way to announce the first Lotus saloon since the Carlton. We’ll know for certain next week.

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