I don’t regret the decision to cancel my Jimny booking, says Thar owner

I read some encouraging reviews from Thar owners, hence, decided to take a test drive.

BHPian vprao recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had booked Jimny but cancelled it the day the pricing was released. Had a good look when it came into the showroom and didn’t regret my decision. Didn’t even bother for a test ride as I knew the specs weren’t impressive at all.Still, there was this doubt somewhere inside that it could be the one that I could trade my Petrol manual Thar with. Not that I wasn’t happy with my Thar. Just toying with the prospect of having an off-road-er with 5 doors, a slightly bigger boot and a better economy. The human mind is never satisfied with what it currently possesses

Somehow this thread popped into my newsfeed late and I read some encouraging reviews from Thar owners. Decided to go for a test ride anyway. I had automatic in mind as I was getting a bit tired of manuals. That was another excuse actually to justify the test ride.

Honestly speaking, other than the ride quality, I didn’t find anything impressive in the Jimny over my Thar. Here are the negatives I found:

At the end of the test ride, I was more than happy to be back in my Thar!

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