How VW service centre fixed rear suspension sound issue on my Virtus GT

They owned their mistake and fixed my car making it as good as new and gave me a discount. Overall, they did an excellent job.

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Virtus GT Updates

  • Delivery Date: 27th September 2022
  • First Year Service: 17th September 2023
  • ODO: ~12,500

This is going to be a good read, buckle up!

I had a short road trip coming up so I decided that it was time to get the first yearly service done 10 days before it was due. Booked a service at VW Noida. Was advised to reach early so that my work is done on priority (or so I thought). I reached sharp at 10am to find that there was a Vishwakarma Puja going on at the workshop, so no one was available to attend to the car.

1 hour later once the Puja was completed, I rushed the team to get my job card opened. There were a few things that I wanted looked into this time:

  • 1st Year Service (Oil change, Oil filter, Cabin filter, lubrication and general checkup)
  • Replace the clock spring (still clicking away)
  • Brake cleaning (both front and rear)
  • Rear suspension sound on certain rough patches

Things were going well, oil etc was changed quickly, lubrication was done and then came lunch. Work stopped at 1, and resumed at 1:30. Now the good part, I was told that the team here knew about the sound coming from the rear suspension and had a fix and that this doesn’t take longer than 30 mins to fix (yeah, right?).

Here is what the rear mount looks like, notice the two โ€œearsโ€

Here is what it looks like after they hammer the ears in, as that is where the shocker mount hits the โ€œearsโ€

So everything gets fixed etc (do note that I have Cobra lowering springs, and they did mention that I should revert to stock if anything were to go wrong in the future, but they would try the fix)

Here is the bill I paid, pleasantly surprised that I got away with it all (without an SVP) for just Rs 6,500, I was given a discount thanks to being a customer for the past decade.

I don’t opt for washing as this takes far too long, I got in the car and made my way towards my planned lunch spot. Rather immediately something was very wrong, the rear end felt loose, and very very bouncy, and the sound that was earlier not that loud, was super loud and it felt like everything was rattling around in the boot. So I pulled over to check if the tool kit had gotten loose – sadly this was not the case and I knew I had to turn around.

Called my trusted service advisor who said to come back ASAP we will fix whatever it is TODAY itself and not give you any trouble. Now, I had left my house at 930am without eating breakfast and now it was nearly 3.30pm. I was tired and hungry.

Dropped the car back to them and said guys, you figure it out, they lifted the car and to my surprise, the rear springs could simply be pulled out by hand! This is when I said, guys fix it, I’m leaving for lunch.

One hour later, I got a call, hey weโ€™ve fixed the car, and we replaced your rear right shock under warranty as it โ€œmayโ€ have got damaged when it was being removed (this could be the case as the mechanic was stepping on them when loosening the top nut to open and grease the system).

I deferred the clock spring fix to later as I was just too tired to figure this out.

So, finally, I got the car at 5.45pm. I drive out and the car is perfect again. Good day I suppose, had fun at the service center chatting with all the techs, and had my buddy with his Polo GT come in for lubrication and brake flush (this also didn’t end well, and we returned immediately when I came back to check the noise, his brake pedal just went to the floor and the system had to be bled properly again). The noise from the rear is also GONE!

I would say that VW Noida did an excellent job, they did my car mostly on time, they didn’t push me to replace stuff, they owned their mistake and they fixed my car making it as good as new, and gave me a discount. What else can you ask for? Shout out to Rajnish, Rahul, and Ganesh at VW – great job gents!

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