How to transfer an NCR-registered XC60 diesel to another state?

I am having difficulty finding a competent RTO agent who can organize the transfer of the vehicle.

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Folks May I request the advice of the experts on our forum on my situation described below regarding my NCR (Gurgaon, Haryana) registered diesel powered Volvo XC60 that completes 10 years in 2024.

As we all know in Delhi NCR a diesel powered vehicle cannot operate after 10 years. The Volvo XC60 is in jolly good shape and easily has another 10 years of life in it. My plan is to shift it to Raipur as a gift to an NGO operating there that I am very closely associated with and the NGO can then use it for its own activities till the end of life of the car.

I am having difficulty finding a competent RTO agent who can organize the transfer of the vehicle to the NGO & Raipur. So the question is, given the hassle of transfer across States, do I need to transfer the vehicle to the NGO’s name at all. What if I hand it over to the NGO but let it stay in my name. Given my association I’m not too worried about the accident/traffic violation challan piece. My concern is does the Haryana RTO make registrations void on diesel cars over 10-years old and go looking for them? Is there an RTO problem if I just let the car run in my name in Chhattisgarh for several years with the current Haryana registration?

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HR26 or similar NCR RTOs like HR29 may not issue NOC after 10 Years. So, it’s best to get an NOC done now for any other RTO where you may have an address within Haryana. In case you want to gift to an NGO, you can get NOC done directly in their name.

I am not sure about the RTO registration charges in Raipur, as some states do charge re-registration fees. If you have an address in Haryana (outside NCR RTO’s) easiest will be to get the car transferred in your name at that address and let the NGO run the car without transfer.

Here’s what BHPian ghodlur had to say on the matter:

You can initiate the online transfer of the vehicle ownership on the Parivahan website and hand over the relevant forms to the NGO for transferring the car to their RTO jurisdiction. I wouldn’t suggest to keep the car still in your name for various reasons – local cops enquiry for out of state cars, any liability related to car (maintenance, insurance policy etc) or any TPL claims against the car since the car would still be in your name. I hope the location where the car is intended to be shifted can service a Volvo car or else the NGO might face issues with the same.

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It is best that you avoid a last minute change in registration, especially since this policy itself is very haphazard and you can’t trust them to be consistent year-on-year with the specifics.

The ideal option is to sell the Volvo this year. You get a good price, don’t have to worry about state and ownership transfer, and don’t put an overhead on the NGO (/yourself) of the Volvo’s maintenance. [You can be reasonably sure the next 10 years of ownership won’t be as rosy as the first 9 have been, isn’t it].

You know this best, but the XC60 might not be an ideal candidate for the NGO? A slightly more versatile (space, seating configurations), abuse-friendly and locally fixable might be more convenient.

In fact, someone from NCR letting go of their 9/10 year old Innova might be a good idea, in case you want to be frugal with this expense.

Lastly, I understand this suggestion throws your planning out of the window. We’re not sorry

Here’s what BHPian condor had to say on the matter:

Sir, best to get the NOC -and- transfer to recepient. Saves lot of hassle down the road, including the no-NOC-after-10-yrs. With out the NOC and transfer before the 10 year mark, the car is as good as legally-scrap. Also, if this transfer is not done now, the car wont get a FC renewal at the 15 year mark in the new place.

If you are not getting an agent, suggest to take a one year membership of Automobile Association and get the NOC through them. The annual fees would cost about the same as the agent charges. I could also check for an agent thru an old team-mate who is based in DL

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