How to properly winterise a rear-drive car

RWD cars tend to struggle in the ice and snow. Here's how to not get caught out when the chill sets in | Promoted

By Sponsored / Monday, 20 November 2023

Remember when people used to say rear-wheel drive cars were useless (or even dangerous) in the winter months? PH does. Even though we’ll often see M3s and C63s brave out the wintery conditions on an icy morning just to grab a bacon bun at Sunday Service, a number of people are still put off by the thought of owning a real-wheel drive car because they worry it’ll be tricky to drive when the clocks go back.

To a degree, they have a point. Modern rear-wheel drive cars are incredibly safe thanks to clever traction and stability controls, but wind the clock back a bit and a cold snap could make your journey considerably more difficult. So while those in front and all-wheel drive cars could go about their business, mostly unfazed by the challenging conditions, those in rear-wheel drive cars often have to grip the wheel a little tighter and squeeze the throttle that bit more gently. Now, a lot of PHers are more than happy to deal with this. If anything, it’s a challenge to be relished – enjoyed even. But no one likes getting caught out by the conditions, so it always helps to be prepared.

On a rear-wheel drive car, a decent set of winter tyres will do the world of good. This comes at the very marginal expense of ride comfort and steering response, but we’ll take that for more predictable handling in the snow and ice. And if you want to go down the DIY route, then consider loading the boot with something heavy to help force the tyres into the tarmac. Sandbags work well as they’re not likely to shift while you’re driving and won’t obscure your vision, but be sure to take them out once the weather starts to improve. No one wants to be dragging around extra weight with today’s fuel prices…

Now, onto the really good stuff and for that we’ll need eBay – the one stop shop for parts and accessories. That goes for proper winter warrior gear, too, such as tyre chains that’ll dig into thick beds of snow with ease and are mandatory in some countries if you’re travelling abroad. Might be worth picking up a fuel can and first aid kit in the unlikely event the UK is suddenly enveloped in a blizzard and you end up getting stranded.

On that note, if you are the sort of person who gets a kick out of a winter adventure, consider grabbing a set of roof rails for skis or snowboards. And that’s where eBay’s Assured Fit comes in. When you’re searching for certain items (such as roof rails), if you use eBay’s part finder tool and enter your car details, eBay will run a check and serve you items that will fit your vehicle. If they don’t fit you’ll get your money back, meaning you can buy parts and accessories with confidence.

Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of what eBay has to offer. Even if you’re just after the basics, eBay has a mega mix of winter essentials – from replacement bulbs to battery chargers – that’ll have you ready for the icy months ahead. It’s even offering a 20 percent discount for PHers; just follow the link here to see an assortment of winter gear. And they say rear-wheel drive cars can’t handle the cold…

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