How owning a Jeep Compass opened a world of community & adventure to me

The team’s logistical efforts were comparable to those of wartime armed forces, with multiple safety checks and numerous layers of support teams.

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Here are three key reasons and benefits of owning a Jeep (& being a Jeeper):

  • A sense of community
  • A connection to the brand
  • A solid, safe and enjoyable car

We aim to provide a detailed ownership experience, including participating in a Jeep Trail and meeting fellow Jeep owners. This experience has allowed me to bond with the community beyond what I thought was possible.

In the thirteen months since purchasing our car, we have driven it for over 31,000 km, but we still envy the Jeeper, who has covered over 45,000 km. This has inspired us to try to catch their travel record.


We recently participated in the Jawai Trail (JEEP TRAILS). We drove from Gurugram to Nathdwara, wherein we met our first fellow Jeeper, who had warned me that if I missed the exit, I would have to travel an additional 20 km. This message is the beginning of the bond that all Jeep owners have. We not only love our cars and family – we love our fellow jeepers equally.

My wife, during the first night at the trail, gave a substantially lengthy speech as to how we ended up buying the Jeep Compass and how I have a cupboard full of cleaners and maintainers – not to my surprise but definitely to her – every participant had the same love, cleaners, maintainers and more for the car. I wanted to tell my wife, “I told you so” but the community lovingly helped me.

The community can be summed up as we started from Gurugram alone, but we returned in a convoy of four cars, eating together and being together beyond the drive back home.

This is quintessential the primary reason we enjoy our Jeep beyond the driving. We have like-minded car lovers ready to help at a message’s notice.

One more instance would be, in Gurugram, we saw a jeep with a trail tag and immediately, without even a visual gesture, stopped and exchanged numbers We both are part of the Delhi NCR (DNCR) community.


During the Jeep trail experience, one of my fellow Jeepers described it as a “seven-star experience”. However, I would like to describe it as a passionate team led by Nikhil Jaspal as a well-choreographed symphony of activities. The attention to detail is immaculate, from the washroom breaks to ensuring that the roadside grass is trimmed, making sure our jeeps roll without scratches or dents. The team had thought of everything, from Jeep’s principles, owners, cars, and the environment. The trail is flagged off by lady participants, and each activity has members of Nikhil’s team smiling and available. Even the area’s history was explained to us to ensure that we grasped and enjoyed the trail.

The team’s logistical efforts were comparable to those of wartime armed forces, with multiple safety checks and numerous layers of support teams. Despite a large puncture on our tire on a remote jungle road, the mechanics and safety cars helped us get back on the road and complete the trail with our spare tire. Thanks to the comprehensive logistical planning, no Jeeper had any unresolved technical issues. This even allowed the youngest Jeeper, only a year and a half old, to experience the trail in comfort and safety with his parents.

The trail truly embodies my post. It is a reflection of the community, company, and the car.

The post would be morally incorrect without photo of the Jeep Trail team led by Nikhil Jaspal and his team of Event Solutions who took care of us feel like family.

Team members:

  • Nittin Jaspal,
  • Ravi sharma,
  • Avinash,
  • Yougesh,
  • Amrit pal,
  • Raj Kumar,

Gursewak, Imran & their back-end team led by Harpreet.

The statement from the trail commander, “No Jeeper drives alone,” was praiseworthy as they ensured that a team member accompanied a lone warrior Jeeper.

We were fortunate to have Aditya Jairaj, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Jeep’s India operations, as part of the trail. Aditya’s presence and the team’s commitment were comforting and reassuring of the Jeep brand.

We have had the most positive experience with Jeep and Landmark company throughout our ownership. We have made a minor insurance claim, and even when we visited the service centre without an appointment for a little issue, we were treated with the utmost courtesy and technical understanding.


The car (in our case, Jeep Compass) is the gateway to the above two; hence, the car is pivotal.

Jeep Compass is our first family car; however, I have over 70,000 km of driving experience in various car renting agencies. I’ve driven from hatchbacks to SUVs but never found anything close to the driving dynamics of the Jeep. The vehicle is very stable at high speeds and provides confidence and safety.

Anyone who enjoys driving should consider a Jeep even if, from a cost perspective, other cars of the same segment may be more economical. None of them provides the driving dynamics of the Jeep, followed by excellent support and care and topped by a respectful, helpful and celebratory community.

I have encountered forum posts discussing linear power delivery and occasional sluggish turbo experience. Although I have never driven the automatic, after the trail, there were three Jeeps with us from Nathdwara to Gurugram, including Compass and Meridian, all of which had automatic transmissions. They performed well on the highway and were even able to accelerate swiftly. Therefore, with an adaptive driving style, the engine and transmission are capable of high-speed and highway driving, even if they are not particularly “punchy”.

We hope you find the post informative.

Happy and safe driving. Until the next one.

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