Honda Elevate legroom situation from a 5’11” tall person’s POV

I feel the driver’s seat positioning in Elevate is really good and that the driving position is comfortable.

BHPian Geo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Saw a couple of comments about the driver seat’s under-thigh support and angle of the foot, heel, and toe. Just thought of sharing my observations. I feel the driver’s seat positioning in Elevate is really good and that the driving position is comfortable. I am 5’11”. I have driven Elevate for 1000 kms and did a ~750 km single road trip. So my observations come from this context.

I have attached a few photos of the driver’s leg positioning. For these photos, I have moved the seat to its full-back position and have kept the steering near the lowest position. Even then, you can observe that there is enough room for me to move my legs up and down a bit. There is enough and more room for leg movement sideways and to find a comfortable position. For the taller drivers, if they move the steering to the upper positions, I am sure they will find more room for their overall leg movement. With this positioning, my leg doesn’t bump into the steering wheel at all. Please bear in mind that the floor under the pedals is inclined upwards at a gentle angle.

Right leg on the brake. A case in point is the spare room for leg movement and adjustment.

Leg on the accelerator. Steering is not even in the picture, quite literally and you find space all around for positioning your leg.

I have actually found the Elevate leg room for the driver and the leg positioning for acceleration to be more comfortable than that of the Jeep.

Another observation I have is about my left leg positioning. As you can see in this photo, I place it on the side of the center console. This gives me an extremely comfortable left-leg positioning. With my left leg planted on the dead pedal and the leg resting completely like this, I get a relaxed drive. The fact that this is extremely comfortable for me, makes me think that leg touching the central console may be extremely uncomfortable for some others So please check this out during your test drive.

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