Honda Elevate CVT: 6 observations by a Nexon AMT owner

Overall, I would say it is a good car for those who don’t care about features but do care about the driving experience.

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Got the chance to test drive the Elevate CVT variant along with my friend who is looking for a new car and this is on their short list. A couple of observations from both our ends:

  • Space was good considering we are of similar height (5’9″ for me and 5’11” for my friend). Felt comfortable in the rear.
  • Driving position was easy to find for me. And felt comfortable. Friend struggled a bit due to left knee fouling with the console. After adjustment of the driver seat it was alright.
  • Driving experience: I found the car to be decent. When you are in part throttle, engine is smooth and also it is very relaxed thanks to a smooth CVT (frame of reference for me is Nexon AMT, which is horrendous due to lag in gear change especially when you floor it for overtake). Giving more throttle and pickup felt better than the Nexon (despite it being turbocharged) whose Achilles heel is the AMT. But comparing both when driven in part throttle, I am siding with the Elevate. My friend found it to be good as he lacks experience with automatics. He refrained from making rookie mistakes for first time automatic drivers. My friend got a chance to drive the manual earlier. Felt the clutch was smooth along with gear shifts. His Jazz diesel had slightly rough gearshifts (could be due to its age).
  • Ride comfort: Excellent. Managed undulations quite well. And felt rock solid in highway despite not going fast (there was traffic). My friend also.gave same response.
  • Braking: Quite solid.
  • Steering: Quite responsive and turning was easy. Did not feel kickbacks from undulations

Overall I would say it is good car for those who don’t car about features but the driving experience is good.

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