Did a 500 km highway run in my Scorpio N: Key takeaways from the drive

The Scorpio N has a supremely comfortable ride. Absolutely no fatigue at all

BHPian Dodge_Viper recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The first 500km highway drive experience:

Went for a trek near Nashik over the weekend so got to know the beast’s highway manners. Pune Nashik road is now all the way 4 laned so it has relatively became much stress free than what it was before. Kept a steady speed of 80-90 throughout.

  • The cabin is very well insulated from outside noise
  • Supremely comfortable ride. Absolutely no fatigue at all
  • Rock steady at 100kmph. Didn’t go beyond 100kmph though. All rough patch works, minor potholes just disappeared below.
  • At no point did the ride got unsettled due to painted rumbler strips or the shoddy patch works.
  • Body roll is well controlled as well
  • There was a dam near the fort for which Google maps was showing a long route. However on maps there was a trail which led to the dam, so no second thoughts on taking it. This is the main reason why I preferred this car over anything else
  • Average FE was hovering around 12-13kmpl

All 4 laned Pune Nashik highway:

The rough road trail towards the dam. It was quite slushy at few places. No issues for Scorpion N. The primary reason for getting this car:


A much needed foam wash post the trip:

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