Completing my KTM 390 ADV’s 1st 1000 km service, before an 800 km trip

Not ridden much post-service, but on the short ride home, as expected, already felt better than before.

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The 1000km and First Service Update

So exactly 4 weeks after taking delivery, the odometer rolled crossed the 1000km mark. Personally, a big deal as I don’t think I have done 1000 km in 4 weeks ever. While the excitement of a new motorcycle has contributed a great deal to this, I am happy with the fact that I am enjoying it, eager to go out and ride and have been able to step up the time and distance spent on the motorcycle gradually over the last month without facing any major discomfort or issues. Started with doing a few 50-60 km rides, then did a 150 km ride and then did a 300 km round trip.

Also gradually making adjustments to my riding behavior to align with what works best for a KTM Bike. So I learned to delay the shifts, keeping the rpm in the 4000+ range, learning to ride in 1st and 2nd smoothly when needed in the city without hurrying to shift up. My brother-in-law took a ride a couple of days back and he was shifting early like he does on his bike and I could see the bike protesting and becoming jerky and slow. That is when I also realized I had been modifying my riding behaviour.

Have not made any further suspension changes. Set in ‘Comfort’ mode for now. Also figured out the navigation issues which were due to the aggressive battery optimization in my Samsung Phone.

Service Update

The first service was pretty straightforward. The KTM Marathahalli Sales Person had already given me the contacts to the service centre – Divakar from TKM Marathahalli. Earlier this week, with the odo at around 950, I messaged him and set up the appointment for Friday (yesterday). He asked to come around 9. Reached the centre on time. Divakar and Ganesh are the 2 main folks at the centre (Khivraj). Initially told me to come post-noon to pick up the bike. When I told him it did not make sense for me to go and come back and I would wait if he could do it quicker-being the first service, he immediately said he would then do it quickly and ensured that the bike went in for the service. Was done in around 90 min and I was out of there in a couple of hours. The only additional thing I asked was if the air filter needs to be changed as I saw some posts indicating it would be good to change in the first service. KTM does not have that in the first service and the techs said not needed. Did not push on it. Bill was INR 2120. Decent first experience with KTM Service. Not ridden much post-service, but on the short ride home, as expected, already felt better than before.

Ready for the next phase:

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