Checked out the 2023 Nexon EV at a showroom: 7 quick observations

Overall I came back mighty impressed with the car. Hopefully Tata will get the other factors like pricing, quality and reliability right.

BHPian DJay recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Checked out the new Nexon EV at a nearby Tata showroom today. The car looks absolutely mind-blowing inside out. Summarising my observations below –

  • The design is absolutely stunning and really futuristic. This totally looks like an EV now. The new whitish-grey colour on the Empowered variants looks remarkable. It looks more white in photos and videos. But in person it looks grayish from a distance and silverish when closeby. Its a really fantastic colour to see in person.
  • The fit and finish felt great overall. Everything felt well put together and quite premium compared to the earlier Nexon EV. Couldn’t observe it very minutely as there were a lot of people checking out the car. But feels like a step up from the previous version.
  • The digital MID and infotainment touchscreen looked very crisp and stunning. The reverse camera resolution is quite sharp and the 360 degree camera view looked great. The gear/mode selector feels great to operate and is much better than the earlier rotary dial.
  • The raised floor felt alright for people upto 5.7-5.8 height to sit without being too knees up when the legs are fully spread out. Under-thigh support was good enough. This was considering the front seats are set at having just enough legroom. If they are pushed back, the rear passengers get lesser legroom and need to sit in a knees up position. Overall I felt the rear legroom was not great, but manageable for average height people. Honestly the flooring did not seem too high as compared to the regular Nexon.
  • Getting in and out of the rear seats is fairly ok. The height is fine to step out without getting up or jumping down. The thick door edge due to the wheel well does make it a bit difficult, but its same as was with earlier Nexon versions. Not a deal breaker. The seats themselves have great cushioning and are very comfortable to sit on.
  • Sitting inside gives a feeling of sitting in a premium car and the materials do not feel cheap. Tata has surely come a long way.
  • The SA mentioned that this will be priced 1.5-2 lakhs more than the current version and the top-end might touch 22-23 lakhs on road in Pune. Maybe they might be over-quoting to sell off earlier Nexon EV Max stocks which are having discounts of 80-100K anyways.Great value for anyone looking at the EV Max and who doesn’t need the new design or features.

Overall I came back mighty impressed with the car. Hopefully Tata will get the other factors like pricing, quality and reliability right. But its a solid solid upgrade for sure with features like V2V, V2L along with all the bling.

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