Charging gun got stuck when fast charging EV: How I managed to free it

Rarely I can see gun getting struck due to handshake issues while charging.

BHPian siva61 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had done almost 100 times DC charging in all type of chargers in last 3 years across south India in my MG ZS EV. Rarely I can see gun getting struck due to handshake issues while charging. Earlier I had faced few times and usually after 5 minutes it usually gets released without doing anything. one or two times i have to pull manual release hook which is inside the bonnet.

Last week i had to travel to Cochin from Tirupur. While returning i had to charge in Palakkad, when I initiated the charging in a DC charger it did not initiate and to try again I have to pull the gun from car but it got struck. I tried to remove after few minutes, switched on/off the car, locked/unlocked the car, release hand brake, pulled manual unlocking hook, took car remote away from car for few minutes, Finally after almost two hours the CPO’s customer support member had insisted me to remove negative terminal in 12v battery and wait for 5 minutes and try again. Finally it worked. The customer support guy was soo helpful for the past 2 hours during 9.30 to 11.30pm in guiding me.

This is common for all branded evs, we should not panic, usually it might take 3-5 minutes. But this time it was abnormal which it wasted 2 hours of my journey time.

It usually takes 30 seconds to one minute to finish handshake between car-charger-cms-app etc. So we have to wait for 30 seconds to unplug after charging in dc charger. If we do it immediately then there is chance of gun getting struck for few more minutes.

Here’s what BHPian idoctor had to say on the matter:

Other option would have been to press the emergency kill switch on the charger. That also releases the gun. I was in a similar situation at a BPCL charger in Mysuru. Used this technique to free the gun.

Here’s what BHPian diablo29 had to say on the matter:

Very common in Tata EV’s, one has to to pull the actuator pin which in behind the CCS2 port in the wheel arch (of Tata EV’s) which then rolls back the locking pin and releases the gun.

I’m sure for MG ZS too there might be something behind the CCS2 port which locks the CCS2 gun ?

Here’s what BHPian govind_kaniyat had to say on the matter:

In my Nexon EV what I do when CCS2 gun gets stuck is, I start the car and make multiple attempts to put it in D mode after releasing the handbrake. Have to make sure car doesn’t roll off.

What this does is, VCU of the car sends signal to charging lock actuator multiple times duirng D mode shift attempts and eventually gun unlocks.

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