Build Your Own 2024 Toyota Tacoma Before You're Supposed To

By the time you read this, Toyota may have flipped the switch on the 2024 Tacoma configurator. We say that because a quick check at Toyota’s website only shows the 2023 build and price configurator, but the folks at Tacoma4g did some digging and found the 2024 configurator waiting in the wings. It looks complete, and with the Tacoma being updated for the new model year, we know you’re curious about options and prices. So are we.

That’s why we jumped in with both feet. If you go crazy on options and accessories you can easily blast beyond $60,000 for a 2024 Tacoma. That’s big money for a midsize truck, but we need to include a caveat here. The 2024 configurator in its present form will let you add everything, including multiple versions of a singular feature. For example, you probably aren’t going to choose a bed mat and a spray-in bed liner. And while you could install black Tacoma inserts over gunmetal inserts on the tailgate if you really wanted to …  you get the idea.

We contacted Toyota to see if this hidden-yet-public configurator is accurate. While a definitive answer wasn’t provided regarding all the accessories, we can confirm the pricing structure for the trim levels is spot-on. It all starts with the Tacoma SR XtraCab in 2WD format at $32,995. For now, the price topper is the Tacoma Limited offered only as a Double Cab truck with 4WD, checking in a $53,595. These prices include a $1,495 destination fee.

Truck fans may notice two trim levels missing from the configurator, namely the TRD Pro and new Trailhunter. Those trucks are only offered with the iForce Max hybrid powertrain making 326 horsepower, and that configuration won’t be available until the spring of 2024. As such, they aren’t showing up online just yet.

What does show up, however, are approximately 79 accessories you can select for your new Taco. We say approximately because the number varies slightly depending on the trim level, with 79 being the maximum. You’ll see familiar items like locking lug nuts, bed liners, cargo carriers, and side steps in the mix. But Toyota also offers all kinds of specialized gear like an ARB Twin Portable Compressor for $990, a Carmate dashcam for $550, and multiple Dometic electric cooler choices starting at $1,050.

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You can also choose from seven different Pelican hard cargo cases, four Go Rhino tool/recovery bags, or just relax with the ARB camping chairs for $68. Of course you can get chrome exhaust tips for $120, and those Tacoma tailgate inserts we mentioned earlier? They cost $89 for gunmetal or $99 in black. Toyota even offers a special action camera (ie GoPro) camera mount for the bed rail in its accessories package, priced at $56.

We’ve already had a go in the new Tacoma, and our opinions are favorable. And if a tricked-out Tacoma Limited with gobs of accessories costing over $60,000 isn’t your jam, we also discovered the base model SR could be all the truck you need.

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