Bizzarrini previews stunning V12 Giotto

Giugiaro design, Cosworth engine and a carbon body – bring on 2026…

By Matt Bird / Friday, 1 September 2023 / Loading comments

Consider the criteria for the perfect supercar and the upcoming Bizzarrini Giotto ticks a lot of the boxes. Naturally aspirated V12? Tick, courtesy of Cosworth no less. Jaw-dropping style? Of course, here from not just one, but two Giugiaros: Giorgetto has teamed up with his son Fabrizio to create GFG Style. Want innovation as well? Sure – the Giotto will have a carbon body structure and skin, plus the front dihedral splitter is said to be inspired by F1. There’s a lot to be encouraged by ahead of 2026.

We must begin with the engine, a naturally aspirated V12 that Bizzarrini says ‘will meet all legislative and emission regulations and is being engineered to deliver ultimate engagement and drivability.’ Talk about having your cake and eating it. Safe to assume it will be spectacular. For one thing, the Giotto engine will have a swept capacity of 6,626cc, where the Aston is a 6.5. Why? Giotto Bizzarrini was born on the sixth day of the sixth month of 1926. Very cool. There’s no word yet on the transmission.

The design, though, looks pretty much finished, it bringing Giugiaro and Bizzarrini back together almost 60 years after they first collaborated: Giorgetto contributed to the 5300GT when he worked at Bertone. The Giotto is described as a ‘spiritual successor that delivers beauty, performance and usability’, a car that represents a ‘compelling blend of past and present’. Not that this is a homage in the Alfa 33 Stradale mould; while there are nods to the 5300 in the headlights cradling the badge and the triangular B-pillar, this is definitely something new from Bizzarrini. Those ultra-slim LEDs give the Giotto an identity very distinct from anything in the back catalogue, while the rear-mid engined layout – plus a rear screen like the old GT – extends the profile further than might be expected. These five pictures are all that have been released so far. Certainly couldn’t accuse the Giotto of looking like anything else…

So even without full details yet, there’s cause for some considerable excitement around this latest Bizzarrini. On-road testing is set to begin in late 2024, with that 2026 date the aim for first deliveries. CTO Chris Porritt said of the project: “We have a clear vision for The Giotto, driven not by lap times or acceleration records but in the emotional engagement of both the driver and the passenger.” Which sounds like the best kind of vision for an end-of-times supercar. The Giotto team will be headed up by a new CEO, Julian Jenkins taking over from November 1st. He added: “The genius of Giotto Bizzarrini and his accomplishments across the automotive sector deserve to be recognized. As such, I am honoured to lead such a revered and storied brand as we continue in his vision to create elegant and emotionally engaging models.” All moving in the right direction, then – we look forward to hearing more.

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