‘AU 1’ made famous by Goldfinger goes on sale

Choose your next numberplate carefully, Mr Bond – it may be your last

By PH Staff / Tuesday, 21 November 2023 / Loading comments

Shocking, positively shocking. ‘AU 1’, the numberplate made famous for its association with the James Bond franchise (it appears on Auric Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce Phantom III), is up for sale, and expected to fetch ‘in excess of £300,000’ according to the number plate dealer charged with finding a buyer. 

Primo Registrations suggests it’s an opportunity ‘for someone to own a piece of film history’ – although based on the 59 years that have elapsed since Goldfinger premiered in cinemas, you might have to jog the memory of anyone under the age of 40 if you’re keen for the connection to be explicit. That doesn’t mean the enduring appeal of Bond as an ‘iconic cinematic reference’ won’t help to shift ‘AU 1’ (being the periodic symbol for gold ought to help, too) but it’s safe to say the numberplate would already be worth its weight in the stuff regardless. 

And that’s because personalised plates remain big business – certainly big enough for their investment potential to be a consideration. In those terms, shorter generally equals better, with two-letter and one-number derivatives often ranking among the most highly sought-after. That includes ’25 O’, still the UK record-breaker after it fetched more than half a million quid back in 2014 (because Ferrari 250 GTO). 

While Primo Registrations clearly doesn’t expect ‘AU 1’ to reach those heights, its managing director, Peter Johnson, reckons there’s plenty of reason to be excited: “The last time ‘AU 1’ sold, it realised a huge return on investment for its then-owner, and we anticipate the trend will only continue, especially with shorter plates. We can’t wait to see where this one will go in the future – maybe it’ll go onto another Rolls-Royce!” Just not gold-plated one. Unless you’ve got the industrial laser to match. 

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