Aston Martin DB11 IMSA 0707 | Spotted

More power than a DB12, same money as an Emira…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 31 August 2023 / Loading comments

It’s hard to know where to stand on tuned supercars. Because on the one hand, they’re more capable than ever from the factory, as suited to commuting as they are flat-out track thrashing. Yet the transition to turbocharging has opened up a whole new world of power possibilities, with huge gains available fairly simply. And with supercars being better sorted than ever, most can handle a bit extra. But to do means spending more money on what is already a very expensive car in the first place. See – a tricky one. It’s easy to see why buyers might be tempted by boosting their 600hp car. But no less difficult to understand why most do not.

Even in the small niche of modified supercars, you don’t see many Aston Martins with aftermarket tweaks. Partly that’s due to cars emerging from the factory with more than 700hp already, and the fact that Aston offers more aggressive models like the F1 Edition and V12 Vantage that probably deter any further fettling. It could well be argued, too, that the cars aren’t exactly the typical tuner material.

Nevertheless, one company has taken on an Aston Martin as its pet project, and the result looks pretty fantastic. German company IMSA (not to be confused with the American racing category) specialises in AMG upgrades, so when the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 was installed in the DB11, it was the perfect opportunity to try something a bit different. The DB11 IMSA 0707 Limited is what they came up with.

The whole car has been overhauled, with what sounds like a lot of worthwhile tweaks. The engine is now churning out in excess of 700hp and 664lb ft, which ought to mean DBS levels of performance from the V8. The advert mentions work on the gearbox ECU as well, which ought to improve responsiveness. Keeping a lid on all that are a set of giant ceramic brakes (420mm at the front!), what’s described as bespoke fully adjustable suspension – ‘enhancing cornering whilst maintaining GT comfort’ – and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. The stated aim for the DB11 project was to create a car ‘capable of incredible comfort over long distances yet able to switch effortlessly to the ultimate track car.’ Which could make for a spectacular Aston Martin.

Looks great, too, with a set of bespoke 21-inch wheels (said to be lightweight, which could help the ride) and some carbon aero add-ons. They might not contribute much in terms of downforce, but from here the new spoiler, diffuser and winglets really help lend the ’11 some attitude. Not everyone loved the standard shape; this one, a little lower than standard, on those wheels and with the carbon, hits the spot a whole lot more convincingly. Just a shame IMSA couldn’t do anything with the interior…

For the five years from new until now, the DB11 has been owned by the IMSA boss, covering a little over 10,000 miles in that time. Fresh from a service at Aston Martin Works, it seemingly wants for nothing. The seller certainly isn’t shy about its ability, suggesting it’s ‘basically a better DB12 at a fraction of the price’. Certainly, £85,000 is a chunky saving over the new Aston Martin, and actually comparable with standard V8s of a similar mileage. Some money has clearly been invested in the 0707, now being sold for the price of an untouched example. For those that are intrigued by the idea of a modified supercar, they arguably come no more tempting than a 700hp DB11…


Engine: 3,982cc V8, turbocharged
Transmission: 8-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): 510@6,000rpm (standard)
Torque (lb ft): 498@2,000-5,000rpm (standard)
0-62mph: 4.0sec
Top speed: 187mph
MPG: 28.5
CO2: 230g/km
Recorded mileage: 10,641
Year registered: 2018
Price new: from £144,900
Yours for: £85,000

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