All the good & bad bits of my 2023 Tucson after 10,000 km of ownership

Tucson is an all-rounder which can even face off cars that are 2-3 times more expensive.

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I completed my first (10K) service in August 2023 (car purchased on Feb 24th, 2023).

Let me start with the rants first or rather I would say unpleasant surprises.

1. Failure of EGR actuator – In the month of July, one fine day in the morning, when I was driving, suddenly I experienced the RPM/rev counter not working normally. The RPM won’t climb above a certain number (IIRC, rpm won’t go beyond 1.8K/2K). However, there was no problem with the speed of the car. I reached home with not so much of a fuss. The next day when I drove the car, the issue somehow vanished and it was all normal. In the evening again the issue occurs. Somehow this was happening on and off. On the third day, when I was driving to the SC, finally I got the engine malfunction display warning. The SC took a good 2-3 days (they said they go screening one-by-one as per the SOP) to identify the issue (when they replaced the actuator of my car with that of the demo car for testing). Finally, the replacement part was ordered and fixed under warranty.

Looks like the new Tucson uses a fully electronically controlled EGR actuator which is similar to the Santa Fe that was sold in India. Even the previous generation Tucson was using a mechanically controlled actuator.

Hyundai India (R&D) is now analysing the issue which I think is a fantastic move. This entire episode was handled well by the SC as well as Hyundai. I am satisfied with this. Appreciation to the SC (Kun Hyundai) as well as Hyundai.

2. Rear left suspension issue – In my earlier post, I did mention the noise from the rear left side and how I fixed it. However, my diagnosis was wrong and it did not fix the noise. In fact, the noise got louder when the car was fully loaded (with 5 people or with luggage). Again the SC was brought into the picture. The SC identified the culprit which was the suspension spring and it was dislodged and misaligned slightly. This usually can happen in off-road vehicles as the spring/suspension movement/articulation is high. However, for Tucson, this cannot/should not happen. Again Hyundai is analysing the issue.

Again a fuss-free experience with both the SC and Hyundai.

Overall, these 2 issues are absolutely unpleasant and I was slightly unhappy with the product. However, I should also point out that the SC support and experience were really good enough to just ignore these issues and live to drive. No car is perfect, no brand is perfect, but the experience when something goes wrong is what matters the most. And kudos to Hyundai for that.

Well, here is my overall product and ownership experience in the last 6 months/10K kms and completing the first service.

Must improve in

Very good in

Could have been better in

Other observations to note

Overall, Tucson is an all-rounder which can even face off cars that are 2-3 times more expensive. And my experience so far with Hyundai (including my previous ownership) and the SC (Kun Hyundai) has been good. Tucson WILL and MUST be a strong contender based on what one is looking for in this segment/budget.

I don’t know if I have covered everything here, but this is just a gist of my experience with Tucson. I am more than happy to clarify anything else if I have missed out.

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