A Kushaq owner drives the C3 Aircross & shares 12 comparison points

Even at the lowest seat height setting, I felt I sat higher than the lowest setting on my Kushaq.

BHPian ashutoshb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took a test drive today.

Here are my brief observations:

  • The plastics are okay i.e. acceptable. They will not be a deal breaker for many. If I compare them with my Kushaq Ambition, the Kushaq is clearly one level up. The quality is closer to my 2019 Tigor. And in most places, the Tigor’s plastics are at par or better. Two specific items would be the inside door latch and the seatbelt hook cover.
  • The size of the steering wheel is on the smaller side, is finished great and looks really cute.
  • Even at the lowest seat height setting, I felt I sat higher than the lowest setting on my Kushaq.
  • The heft of the sheet metal, the doors, boot are nowhere close to Tata, let alone Skoda. The bonnet was heavy though. And that ‘thud’ is nowhere to be found. And I am fully aware that this does not mean it is less or more safer.
  • This point is difficult to explain, but I am sure when you drive the car you will understand. The overall feel of the car while driving is nowhere premium. While steering the car, and operating the foot pedals, it does not give me the same quality feel I get in my Tigor or Kushaq. The last car I drove, which had this level of feel, was the Triber. The thin, cheap-looking, cheap-feeling foot pedals didn’t help the cause much.
  • I only drove for a short distance, so can’t really compare the performance. But, the Kushaq’s 1.0 unit is smoother than the Citroen’s Turbo Petrol unit. The same goes for NVH too.
  • It might be low air pressure in the tyres, because I did not notice that ‘plush sofa-like’ ride. Maybe a longer test drive will make it clearer.
  • The digital instrument cluster is nice, clear and crisp. Does not feel cheap at all.
  • The sound quality of the speakers is acceptable. But, again, nowhere close to my Tigor or Kushaq.
  • For the money, it does have a lot of kit and space and performance. At 12.10 L for the top variant, its going to attract many. Especially the ones who were looking at a sub 4 metre SUV.
  • The way hatchback buyers hopped to sub 4 metre SUVs like the Kiger and Magnite, the same could happen here. Sub 4-metre buyers might get attracted to the much bigger car with an acceptable level of fit and finish.
  • That feeling that you have made a compromise, is not there. After reading so much about the car, I had even lower expectations from it when I entered the showroom. But, to me, it isn’t as bad a car as it is being made out to be.

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