8 years & 47,000 km with my Verna petrol: Overall mileage & upkeep cost

The interiors are properly screwed and of top quality built. No sounds/rattles from the dashboard or the door pads.

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On Thursday, I gave my car for its 9th service, after completion of 8+ years of ownership. I have been absent from this thread for quite some time, due to various reasons. However, sharing my long term ownership experience here.

The below points summarize my experience with my car over the past 7 years:

  • Car: Hyundai Verna 1.6 VTVT S(O)
  • KMs done: 46800 in 3000 days (Average ~ 15.5 KMs daily) (99% with AC on)
  • KMs on Highway ~ 31000 KMs (66%)
  • City mostly driven: Bangalore
  • Major Incidents: None
  • Minor Incidents: Too many (Bangalore city driving has its perils)
  • Niggles: None

Breakdowns / Part Changes: Mentioned below.

2017 – There was a faint ‘kat’kat’ sound coming from the driver’s foot-well. It occurred only when going over rough surfaces and broken roads. Did not occur if I crossed a speed breaker. For this issue, the culprit was identified as the EPS motor. Since the car was in warranty, it was changed free of cost.

2021 – AC cooling was reduced, so took to the car to Advaith Hyundai, the compressor valve (ECV) was found faulty and replaced for about 4000/- including labour. More details can be found in this thread by VIGSOM: https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techn…ml#post5061928 (Aircons! Demystifying the car air-conditioning system)

2022 – The front link rods were ‘weak’ as mentioned by the SA and hence I gave a go ahead to change them. Charged about 1500/- including labour.

Battery Change: There were instances in May 2018, when the crank was taking longer than usual. Got it checked at a battery store and found the Exide battery from the factory was breathing its last.

Hence, got a new Amaron, exchanging the Exide, for 4800/-. It has now started showing signs of degradation. I will probably get it changed in next few months.

Tire Change: In August 2021, the stock Bridgestone B250s had covered 37000kms and lived for 6 years. Though they still had thread depth, I got Yokohama Earth 1s for the car. The Bridgetones served well and had just single puncture. Hoping the same reliability from the Yokos. Costed 7000/- per piece. The Yokos have been terrific, zero punctures, good grip and reliability. Also, minimal drop in air pressure.

Points worth mentioning:

After eight years of ownership, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The interiors are properly screwed and of top quality built. No sounds/rattles from the dashboard or the door pads. This, after I have to drive a lot over none existent roads of outer Bangalore very regularly. Quite impressive.

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