7,500 km with my 2022 Tata Safari: 2nd service & LED headlamp upgrade

The total bill came around 1200โ‚น. Only the DEF & labor was charged.

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Second service update:

Indominus completed 7500kms recently and the second service was done last week. Had been to Classic motors Yeshwanthpur for the service and was out in 3 hours flat with washing. Just had one minor thing to be taken care, where the wiper was not spraying correctly on to the windshield which was fixed, but now the water sprays over the windshield, which Iโ€™m planning to take care myself.

Also, my car was part of the recall where the Hydraulic pump Auto tensioner had to be adjusted. I didnโ€™t get a chance to look what was done, but it was taken care. And, the DEF level was around 40% and got it filled close to 95%. The total bill came around 1200โ‚น. Only the DEF & labor was charged.

Post service, took the car to Prerana motors showroom to get the low beams changed to new Blaupunkt D5S LED bulbs, which is now an official accessory from Tata. And the bulbs come with 2 years warranty. It costed me 8999โ‚น.

One thing I don’t understand is how can Tata give a 25W bulb for low beam. No wonder the output was pathetic on the roads. Now the car has all the bulbs replaced with LEDs.

Also, got the wheel alignment and balancing done at Madhus. Figured there was a puncture in the rear left and it was taken care. Note: TPMS learning had to be done at the service center after the rotation for the correct pressures to be shown.

The culprit:

Got a chance to meet Nikhil while I was there after so many years and see this beauty in person. Probably next time will get a ride.

Over the weekend, we went on a trip to Coorg with friends and their respective families. As usual, Indominus performed brilliantly and I love this car every time I take it out on a highway. And like most of them mentioned, the Mysore Bangalore expressway has become peaceful now without any 2 wheelers and Autos. However, could see couple of people driving against the traffic with no sense.

Some pictures from the trip

With the Hyundai’s

From yesterday, have been seeing this warning right after filling fuel. This seems to be an error with the soot collection as per the owner’s manual. Will have to take it on a highway and try to do a regen tomorrow and hope the warning goes away.

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