600 km with my Innova Hycross: Delivery, insurance & drive experience

As per the MID, fuel efficiency is around 15 km/l.

BHPian abhinavsureka recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally, got the delivery of my Hycross ZX (O) on Wednesday evening and took it on a 600 km drive with my parents yesterday.

Dealership experience: WORST EVER. The attitude of the people at Indore has been obnoxious and I am going to escalate my complaint in the coming days. Even at the time of delivery nobody knew the features of the car or bothered to explain them.

Because the car is in such high demand their behavior is such that the customers are to stand in front of them with a begging bowl.

Insurance: The first quote received from the dealer was 1,40,000 which came down to approx 90k eventually. I got it done from the bank directly for 73k (includes everything, hybrid battery also)

Accessories: Only got the boot mat. The rubber mats for the rest of the car felt overpriced for the quality on offer. A bike protector is something I might get soon.

Comfort: Absolutely amazing. There were 3 of us on the drive and for the first time ever we were queueing up for the backseat.

Drive: Smooth. Gets noisy under acceleration. Did not get tired.

ADAS: Found the lane keep assist a bit too intrusive. adaptive cruise control was good but will not use it regularly.

Fuel economy: MID shows 15 km/l, will know after I tank up. Speed was mostly in the 90-110 range.

Headlights: Driving back at night was complete torture because of the headlights. The brightness is poor and the throw is concentrated on one small spot. I think my old Ford Figo had better headlights.

Has anybody here upgraded the headlights? if yes then please recommend what to do. Also, please suggest a good online store for accessories like good quality rubber floor mats.

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