6 months with my Harrier proved that buying the SUV was a good decision

The turbo, when it hits, is a thing of beauty. I rarely ever need to use the Sports mode except to feel the sweet, sweet torque.

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My Harrier completed a minor milestone โ€“ 6 months up and second free servicing. No complaints from my side and the only ask was a DEF top-up. TASS also gave a complimentary wash and interior clean.

These 6 months have proven beyond doubt that getting a Harrier was, in fact, a great decision. This was very much a heart-over-head decision and I was nervous for the first few months.

The car handles wonderfully and the incremental updates to the cluster and infotainment truly make it worth it. Some worthwhile additions that increase the QoL of owning the car:

  • Good 360-degree cameras with a good amount of frames and clarity, even at night. Cameras switch on even without the infotainment completely booted on.
  • Good ventilation through the ventilated seats. Thought this would be gimmicky, but a life-saver in humid conditions.
  • Memory function for seats is a feature I never thought I needed, but itโ€™s immensely useful when you give the car for valet parking or cleaning. In addition, Iโ€™ve found I prefer 1 or 2 positions depending on my drive. For longer drive, I prefer a more relaxed position, while in the city I prefer to keep the seat closer to the steering and more erect. Assigning these positions to memory buttons help in choosing whichever according to need.
  • USB C to C charging ports are useful in modern smartphones โ€“ a small but useful addition.
  • Wireless charging plus wireless Android Auto is a great pairing for long trips.
  • Panoramic sunroof is kind of eh โ€“ itโ€™s good to have in rainy/evening conditions. Useless otherwise. Best I can say is itโ€™s not as useless as I thought it would be. It can be a great mood-setter in the right conditions.
  • The de-chromed exterior looks great, as is the tasteful red insert in the grille. Red brake calipers lend a very sporty feel. Iโ€™m happy they did not skip red in the rear wheel calipers.
  • ADAS works well for what it offers. Adaptive cruise control would have been a great addition. Love the granular controls for many of the options.
  • A lot of stuff has been said about the great engine-gearbox pairing and suspension. I can attest that both work as advertised. The turbo, when it hits, is a thing of beauty. I could cruise all day and not feel the slightest discomfort. I rarely ever need to use the sports mode except to feel the sweet sweet torque.
  • A small love note to the music system โ€“ Iโ€™m in no way an audiophile, but the 9-speaker JBL system is excellent. The bass is deep and does not mute other frequencies even at the highest system. Neither do the panels rattle. One of the few systems where I did not need an external EQ to tweak stuff. It is that good.

Some questionable ergonomic decisions do make one question the interior layout. These are extreme nitpicking but wish they had been addressed:

  • 360 camera button should have been on my side of the gear, rather than the passenger side. It is also kind of far away.
  • ADAS settings are not persistent. I hate the lane change beeps and have to remember to switch them off every time I start the car. Please, Tata, make ADAS settings persistent.
  • Middle passenger seat belt should have been a 3-point, which is fast becoming a norm.

Thatโ€™s all for now. Signing off with some pictures of a recent trip to Koyananagar.

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